this is the lion stats sidebar on feb. 2. it's his sixth day and he is feeling the usual letdown.
This is the Lion stats sidebar on Feb. 2. It’s his sixth day and he is feeling the usual letdown.

(Monday, February 2, 2015) It’s my sixth day of waiting. Over the last year, the sixth day has been particularly difficult for me. Mrs. Lion says I get the “grumblies”. Well, I have them today. In one sense it isn’t surprising. The Seattle Seahawks lost the Superbowl due to what is being called the worst play call in the history of football. It was a heart breaker for Seahawks fans. I am annoyed about that. I also have that sixth day slump as well.

I’m surprised that I do. After all, I had a ruined orgasm just two nights ago. If my theory is correct, which it probably isn’t, I should have the same reaction I feel after a two day wait. I should be content and happy in my enforced chastity. But I’m not. In fact, I feel exactly the same way I have felt after a six day wait with no release of any kind.

This tends to support the common theory that a ruined orgasm does not reset the orgasm clock at all. It spills semen and takes physical pressure off, but does nothing to reduce the need for sex. It does, at least in my case, reduce the physical ability to have an orgasm, but not the need.

I’m still uncaged. My Jail Bird is sitting in Mature Metal’s post office box waiting to get picked up today. It will be delivered to William at MM tomorrow and he can get started on adjusting my base ring. If things go the way they did last time, he should complete his work by Thursday, mail it on Friday, and reach me February 10. The reason I bring this up is that I am perfectly capable of jerking off, but I don’t want to do that. Yet, here I am being grumpy about my enforced chastity. It’s not like I can’t do something about it physically, but something inside me stops me cold.

Am I a broken lion? Have I lost the ability to independently orgasm? Now there’s something to growl about! I don’t think it is as final as all that. I am pretty sure that with the right stimulation I could get myself off. That’s not the point, of course. The point is that my cage isn’t the only thing maintaining Mrs. Lion’s control. I have been conditioned to receive stimulation only from her. Self stimulation is clearly not easy. In the context of enforced chastity, I suppose this is progress.

In terms of my current state of mind, I am feeling down about not having as much sex as I want, when I want. As Mrs. Lion and many of you point out to me, it’s exactly what I want. That doesn’t make it feel better on the sixth day.

Tonight is “tease the lion” night. I do enjoy that in a masochistic way. It’s always fun to feel Mrs. Lion’s hand or mouth on me even though I know I will end up more frustrated than when she began. Such are the conflicts of enforced chastity. At least I have learned to control my growls. I managed to avoid any swats so far today.