Trading Orgasms

Last night I wasn’t really in the mood for an orgasm. Well, let’s face it, I haven’t been in the mood for a long time and that’s why I’ve scheduled orgasms for myself now too. I considered trading dates with Lion. His is the 5th and mine was the 2nd. Not a big deal since it’s only a few days. However there are a few problems with that arrangement.

At the top of the list is time management. I know in the next few days I should be getting my monthly “visitor”. No possibility for orgasm there unless you are into blood sports, which we are not. So pushing my date off even a few days might have been a problem.

The other, more important reason is that since I’m never really in the mood right now, we made a commitment to my having orgasms on scheduled days. I know things can happen just like they sometimes happen to Lion. If I was sick or feeling rotten then we might have pushed it off. But to push it off because I didn’t feel like doing it would not set a good precedent.

On the other hand, I really wanted to give Lion an orgasm. What luck! I get to decide when he has one. You see, he doesn’t get one just because he wants one, but he does get one just because I want to give him one. Last night he was not concentrating on his own orgasm. He was excited to give me one. He never asked for one. The only thing he was expecting was some form of play.

Afterwards he asked if I was going to change his date. I wondered why I would do that. He still has three days to go before his scheduled date. We didn’t trade dates. We traded orgasms.


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    Do you really mean there is no chance for orgasm during one’s period? I always found that once arousal started that flow stopped almost completely, as if it weren’t my period. I could masturbate, have PIV sex, or receive cunnilingus and there would be little to nothing in the way of blood. I could easily lick my partner’s cock and not feel that it was covered with anything other than my own juices and a few drips of his.

    Orgasms can be such a relief while menstruating, especially if there are cramps. It seems to stop or calm cramps.

    A couple of things come to mind when you talk about being low on desire. Have you checked with your doctor? Could be hormones, meds, something else.

    A surefire way for me to bring back everyday desire and horniness is to edge myself. I’ll task myself to touch this or that for x minutes, y times a day, for z days. Just the knowing that I have another session to complete raises my horniness. Not coming can really ramp up desire. So can lots of good sex. The men here know that knowing that you can’t come can increase desire–a lot. It’s the paradoxical ideation thing.

    A quicker method is to edge yourself for the first ten minutes of each hour, every hour. I set a timer and must stop when it goes off. By the evening, my legs are wobbly from so much arousal. If I walk, I’m in danger of coming. I’ve stood in Home Depot with my legs crossed trying to fight off an oncoming orgasm.

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    I think I only had sex during my period once and it was not at all pleasurable. Very messy and it did not stop the cramps.

    I have been to the doctor and had all sorts of blood tests to see if there’s an organic reason for my low libido. So far nothing.

    Whenever I’ve been edged in the past, unintentionally, I’ve just felt really pissed off. Not horny. Some months back I even tried masturbating and couldn’t really even turn myself on. Lion says I give him a better hand job than he gives himself, but I’d think I should know how to give myself an orgasm.

    I think I’m feeling fat and stressed and unsexy. I’m fairly sure the problem is in the gap between my ears.

    I will try your suggestions and see how it goes. Thanks!

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