Last night, true to her word, Mrs. Lion gave me my chastiversary orgasm. Unfortunately, she was very tired and not feeling all that well. Even though very horny, I was happy to wait until she felt better. She would have none of that. So, I got a nice handjob. I suspect her original plan was a bit more elaborate, but what she did was great. It felt ever so good to come. My next date is January 24, 11 days away. Right now, having come so recently, that doesn’t feel like a very long time. But I am sure that a week from now I will be quite desperate. Mrs. Lion set her next orgasm date for January 17th. I can’t wait!

We are both pretty tired. We don’t seem to sleep very well some nights. That seems to come with age. I am still unlocked. My cage is at Mature Metal getting two new rings built. I haven’t found myself tempted to masturbate even when I was tree-humping horny all day yesterday. I suppose that’s a kind of growth, isn’t it?

Today, we have been practicing enforced chastity for a year and a day. That is a very important period of time, at least to me. A year and a day seems much longer than just a year. I know. Silly lion. I’m rarely at a loss for words, but right now I am. A  year and a day is a very long time to have surrendered sexual control. But now that we have passed that point, I realize that we are just starting out. We have had just enough time to agree that enforced chastity is something we want to continue.

Over the last  year I have often wondered if Mrs. Lion would grow tired of all this, or if I would lose interest in a 24/7 power exchange. It seemed to me that by this time we would have given up. But we haven’t. A lot of the credit goes to this blog. We read each other’s posts and we react to them in writing and in life. This daily, written communication has provided us with the ability to share things that we simply wouldn’t have said face to face.

I really am at a loss for words. I don’t have a clue why this is working for us. I can’t explain what this kink does that makes our relationship stronger and our sex life better. It just doesn’t make sense. Know what? It doesn’t matter. It works and we aren’t quitting any time soon.

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    I can’t explain it thoroughly either but i do know this, in looking over the past year, I have had (by far) the least amount of orgasms than ever in my adult life. Yet I have been the most sexually satisfied of any time ever … all at the same time. For me, it has everything to do with orgasm control. The minute I gave control of my sexual life to my beloved Mistress Wife, I have been transformed into not only loving her more, loving her better and having a constant desire to please her, but we have also never had a more loving, peaceful rewarding and fruitful marriage. It is the unexplainable secret of a truly loving female led marriage/relationship.

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