Happy Chastiversary to My Lion

Yes, I just coined that word. It’s my hope that it becomes a thing, encouraging more people entering into chastity to enhance their sex lives. Of course many men won’t be as lucky as my pet who receives more orgasms now than he has in a long time. Anyway, chastiversary, it’s a thing. Look it up.

On this date in 2014, I agreed to lock up Lion’s penis in what I thought would be just another phase of his kinkiness. And it might have been if he hadn’t started this blog. Actually it might have been if I wasn’t made aware of the blog. Once I got involved, sometimes defending myself, I won’t say I was hooked. I just became aware of how far apart we had grown with regard to our sex life. What sex life?

A long time ago Lion told me he could live without all the kinkiness. I should have known it wasn’t true. I think he wanted it to be true, so I don’t think he was lying. He just knew it did nothing for me. Well, it still doesn’t but it makes him happy and making him happy makes me happy so there it is. Have I been getting into it more lately? Sure. I think it’s funny to give him girly toes. If you could see the faces he makes you’d understand. I think it’s funny to watch him protest because that wooden spoon is so mean when I punish him for a rule he suggested. I think it’s funny to hear him lament how horny he is when he was the one who wanted me to make him wait for an orgasm.

We’ve both had some realizations over the past year. I know I don’t have to understand why he wants to feel pain in order to inflict it. He remembers that being a top didn’t necessarily translate to his being turned on while playing. I wanted him to initiate more but then discovered that I don’t really have much of a libido right now. He expected me to be as horny as he is but is learning (I hope) that my not having a strong libido is no reflection on him. And, if you’ve been following our journey, you know there have been many more.

Tonight we’ll probably just snuggle for a while until I give Lion his scheduled orgasm. He’s a horny boy since his edging last night. We don’t have any big plans for celebration. I’m sure Lion thinks an orgasm is a suitable way to celebrate any occasion. Me too! I love to make him come.

Happy Chastiversary, my love! Here’s to many more!