It is day 366 of our chastity experiment. Last night we were both tired but I didn’t want to miss Lion’s scheduled orgasm. Sure it was “only” a hand job, but I know he loved it. He loves almost every orgasm. I say almost because during the time period that I was giving him one every day he wasn’t too fond of them. A few days rest cured him of that.

Last night Lion said he was getting used to being wild. He said he wouldn’t mind staying wild. Really? Well I’m getting used to not having to unlock him when I want to play with him. I wouldn’t mind him being wild. Too bad! We are committed to chastity until 2016. The cage is being resized. The cage keeps us focused on us. And the most important reason of all for a non-wild Lion: because I said so!

Maybe I should have locked him in the Chinese cage while the Jail Bird is gone, but I hate that thing. My first reaction upon locking him in it is that I will not take him out until the Jail Bird comes back just so I don’t have to fight it. It’s difficult to line everything up and I usually pinch him. Then during the day it will pinch him. And it’s uncomfortable. Who needs it? Instead I gave him a break. Mr. Weenie gets a vacation. And I don’t have to deal with the Chinese cage. Win-win-win.

I don’t really think he wants to be wild forever. As soon as the Jail Bird comes back he’ll be asking me to put it on. He doesn’t even notice it’s on most of the time. And he’ll get chances to be wild in the future. He even has a few coupons he can use if he wants to. No, he’s just having fun being wild at the moment. Neither one of us wants to give up the cage. It’s a part of us now.