No matter how much I want to separate our enforced chastity from the rest of our lives, it just isn’t possible. Theoretically, sex should be separate from everything else. Popular myth claims that we males are immune to life intruding on our interest in sex. Guess what? It’s a myth; at least in my case.

Tuesday night Mrs. Lion teased me. She had to work hard to get me to the point where I even showed serious interest in an orgasm. It wasn’t that I had come so recently that I didn’t care. Not at all. I was tired and worried. Thankfully, Mrs. Lion understood and didn’t take it personally.

Enforced chastity is, after all, sex. At first glance one would think that it is just the opposite: the prevention of sex. If that were the case, I would be locked in my Jail Bird and left alone. Of course, that isn’t what happens at all. I am teased regularly so that I can’t forget what I am missing. If I lose interest in orgasm, then the enforced chastity has no value in controlling me.

That brings me to something that has been on my mind. Based on reading the blogs and forums, it’s clear to me that enforced chastity isn’t the same for everyone. There are men who are submissive and see the enforced prevention of arousal and orgasm as a way to better submit to their partners.

There are guys who want to avoid orgasm completely. They cite many reasons that include hating the depression that follows when they ejaculate. Others, want to “cure” bad habits like frequent masturbation or even infidelity. Some use enforced chastity as a springboard to experience other sexual activities without the possibility of coming themselves.

It seems that orgasm control is almost never the sole reason men get into enforced chastity. We all seem to have other kinks that are served by our being caged. My main one is sexual control. I am turned on by Mrs. Lion taking control of some parts of my life. I also like discipline. So, just being locked up wouldn’t really satisfy my needs.

Keyholders most often get involved because they want to make their partners happy. This isn’t any different than other power exchange activities. Topping is a service to the bottom. There are certainly exceptions to this where the keyholders get great satisfaction from their roles. But those exceptions are very rare.

My point is that chances are pretty good you don’t share all of my kinks. That doesn’t mean we can’t learn from each other.