I alluded to a choice Lion would have. Although I didn’t offer it to him last night because we were both tired and I think it’s more effective if he’s very horny, I did tell him about it. To my surprise he said he couldn’t think of a reason why he wouldn’t jump at the chance. So what was this choice?

It’s a Lion ride to an orgasm in exchange for an extended wait time. I hadn’t really figured out what the wait time would be yet. It was anywhere from a day to his next scheduled date. I think it needs to be flexible. Many things could determine a suitable trade. How long has it been since he’s had an orgasm? How far away is his scheduled date? How horny is he? If he’s desperarte for an orgasm, theoretically he might agree to more days. I have him over a barrel, so to speak. If he’s close to his scheduled date I have to sweeten the deal or he may just decide to wait.

Obviously I can take an orgasm any time I want to and change his wait time at whim. But I thought a trade was a fun idea. Put him in the hot seat and watch him squirm. However, it seems that Lion will take a Lion ride any time it’s offered. For an orgasm or not. I asked if he would do it if I told him his next date was March first. But he knows I would never wait that long to make him come again.

In his current state of less than tree-humping horniness, I don’t think I’ll give him the choice. He only has to make it two more days this time around. Maybe next time. He doesn’t know how long that wait will be yet.