It’s My Issue

Lion thinks he is letting me down by not giving me sex. Funny. I think I’m letting him down by not wanting sex. When I try to decide how I will play with him on a given night, I think how great it would be if I could just jump on him and go for a ride. Of course I could. But I’m talking about really wanting to do it.

As I edge him I’m trying to get him to a point that he will go out of his mind if I don’t let him come right that instant. I want him to be ready to burst at the seams. And if I do let him come I want him to see stars and fireworks.

Lion has always been a horny being. He does have his off days, but for the most part he’s ready to go at all times. He says he gets turned on just by thinking about me. I have always been less horny. I don’t know if it’s a female thing or what. I do love snuggling with him and when he bends over in front of me it’s a very yummy sight, but it doesn’t get my juices flowing. I guess I have to make it more of a priority. But what if it’s something I can’t control? I don’t think I want to go through any hormone treatment. When is it ok to not want sex? When will Lion stop feeling like it’s a failure on his part?