Sixth Day Blues

(Tuesday, December 2, 2014) True to form, today my sixth day is less than wonderful. I’m not horribly depressed, but my interest in sex is minimal right now. Last time I couldn’t understand why I wanted to be caged. This time, I am fine with the idea of enforced chastity, just not sexually motivated. The mystery to me is why on this sixth day of waiting does my world change?

It’s not that I don’t get any stimulation. Mrs. Lion has religiously teased me every second day. For some reason completely independent of stimulation, I get down on my sixth day. If this time is like last time, tomorrow I will be hot and horny again. Some of last week’s sadness had nothing to do with enforced chastity. There have been some financial bumps in our lives that were also getting me down. This week has a better prospect, so at least that isn’t weighing my down. But that nagging, unhappy feeling is still there: the sixth day blues. Sounds a little like a song title. No, I won’t compose some corny lyrics. I’m tempted, but no, you don’t deserve that.

Tonight Mrs. Lion teased me. It wasn’t very intense. It was fun, but not what I would expect after all this waiting. I can’t understand it. It’s getting late now, so this will be a very short post. Tomorrow’s the seventh day. On the seventh day the lion should be massively horny again…I hope.