I’ve never believed in male sexual training, until now that is. Since the only male I have sexual experience with is me, my evidence has been sparse. Since we started enforced chastity, I liked the idea that I don’t have any choice about my sexual activities. Of course, you know that. However, I’ve started to notice some things that suggest I am being conditioned. My chastity device, the Mature Metal Jail Bird, is so comfortable that I am rarely aware I have it on. It’s been locking me up for more than ten months with very rare and brief opportunities to to go wild. I can’t get aroused while it is on. So, I’ve gotten used to limited stimulation by Mrs. Lion at times she chooses.

Ok, sounds typical. It is. Here’s the thing; the other night after teasing, Mrs. Lion left me wild for a short time. I went into the bathroom to pee. I sat down on the toilet and did my thing. I stood up and got some toilet paper to clean off the cage. There was no cage! No biggie, you say. Absent-minded lion forgot. I did, but it was more than just forgetting. I realized that I am conditioned to be caged all the time and I am very sure that my ability to respond sexually is now limited to when Mrs. Lion wants me to get aroused. The change isn’t complete. I am sure that if left wild, I probably could masturbate. But would I?

At this point I am pretty sure I wouldn’t. It just doesn’t occur to me anymore. I am very sure that over time (years probably), I will simply never even think of jerking off.  I am surprised to say the least. This sort of conditioning takes time; a lot of it. After ten months in my cage, I am making noticeable changes.

This suggests that with consistent training, it is possible to teach me more difficult tricks. I don’t know how we would do this, but if she wants, Mrs. Lion can train me to orgasm only with her permission. I think this is the most powerful form of training I could get. Do I want it? I would like to try. Will I hate it. Probably. In the same way I like spanking, this could be big fun. On the other hand, Mrs. Lion may have no interest in this particular passtime. That’s ok too.