Nine Days

Lion already knows when his next orgasm will be. I told him a few days ago when we were discussing his wait times. I thought about changing it, maybe making it longer so we can see if the six day issue is every six days. If he had to wait fourteen days then would day six and twelve be similar? For now I’ve left it at nine days. I can always extend the next wait.

For tonight’s orgasm he has requested that I do more of a buildup to the main event. Oddly enough, he doesn’t share my love of immediately going for gold. I’m being sarcastic. I hate when he does the same thing to me. Usually I do build up slowly, but I didntlast time. It resulted in a meager amount of ejaculate followed by a slow oozing for a while afterwards. Tonight I will pay more attention to him.

Sometimes I like to tease him to the point that I think he will just go out of his mind if I don’t finish him off. Not necessarily edging him. Just getting him so turned on that even if I stopped he’d be in danger of a full orgasm if the wind hit him just right. I bet he won’t be disappointed tonight. I’ve got some nice plans for him. And then he’ll have his nine day wait to look forward to.

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    Oh boy, I can’t wait to hear all about it Mrs. Lion.

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