Bipolar Lion

I’ve never been subject to mood swings, especially predictable one. Since being caged I have a predictable mood swing every time my wait goes to six days. On the fifth day I am tree-humping horny. It is a good kind of frustration that is accompanied by chubbys inside my cage, and a certain amount of begging Mrs. Lion for relief.

The next day, however, everything is different. I lose my interest in sex and just feel sad. I don’t think I am sad because I want to orgasm. In fact, that is the farthest thing from my mind. I am just unhappy. I am frustrated in a most unpleasant way. I wonder why I wanted to be sexually submissive and what the hell I am doing in this cage. It doesn’t help to remind myself that this is exactly what I wanted. I am just, plain unhappy. On the seventh day, that mood lifts. I’m no longer sad about being caged. I don’t feel that I am surrounded by a bleak landscape of sexual deprivation. Some horniness returns too.

Sunday was the sixth day. It was also the day that Mrs. Lion had planned some spanking bench time. I should have been really happy, but I wasn’t. The spanking was well done, Mrs. Lion slowly increased intensity so my endorphins had time to keep pace. But I wasn’t having fun. I thought (still sorta think) that being unable to get aroused contributed to the lack of fun. But maybe it didn’t. I’ve been spanked before with no sexual component. It may have just been my sixth day syndrome.

When my waits get longer — Mrs. Lion said at least some would — Can I expect other sixth days? Even if not, do I want to put myself and Mrs. Lion through this? I realize that enforced chastity isn’t all roses and lollipops, but it shouldn’t put me into such a dark place. I have rationalized it by trying to believe that these feelings are just a reaction to losing control. But that really can’t be it. If it were, it would last more than a day and would be provoked by something that actually makes me feel controlled. Nothing on Sunday fits that description.

So, do I just suck it up and deal with sixth day blues? That may be how it ends up, but I think it may pay to try to find a way to avoid it. I know Mrs. Lion agrees. She did exactly the right thing yesterday. Any orgasm or end to enforced chastity were clearly off the table. That’s as it must be. She said that she is open going forward to adding some arousal to play. That might help. She also said that she is willing to not play if I am down. That will also help.

But the essentially unhealthy bad feelings need to be considered. Right now I have no idea how to approach them. I fully understand that being uncaged is not possible. Maybe, never let me get to six days? No, that won’t work. Well, it will work but isn’t in Mrs. Lion’s plans.

Somehow I will have to learn to deal with this speed bump. I don’t know how. Do you have any ideas?


  1. Author

    Yes, I always have ideas, but first may I inquire as to the purpose of what the goal was in the establishment of previously specified time frames for orgasm, edge play, etc?


    Mistress Metal

  2. Author

    I’m also a Leo, and my wife/keyholder says I have the characteristics of a typical Leo. She’s been using the lockup to tame me, domesticate this cat, and to get a lot of housework and other chores done for her. It’s all good; we’re now starting to talk about me as housekeeping “equipment.” Not much male ego, or even maleness, left in that thought!

    I used to have those cycles when I was released often, such as weekly or every two weeks. I still get down days, or a few hours down, but don’t associate them anymore with being caged.

    Consider going for a longer time without release, or with teasing and locking back up, no release.

    Been locked almost continuously over 4 years now, haven’t cum in almost 3 years. And loving it.

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