Puzzle Pieces

I like to think if I’m paying attention I can learn something new every day. Sometimes it’s something useful like figuring out that driving a few blocks out of the way can actually save time on my commute. Sometimes it’s not so useful like the fact that some goats faint. Not all knowledge is helpful, but even the silliest things can help on Jeopardy.

Yesterday I learned that while Lion may want to play, if he is not aroused he will not get the full benefit of the session. Well, I knew that a little bit. What I didn’t realize is that it may have something to do with the length of time he’s been waiting. He may be more receptive to a spanking without penile stimulation at day three than he is at day six. Something about day six messes with him. He was so sad/annoyed/grumpy last night he didn’t even want to give me a good night kiss. I even asked him if he wanted to come. He didn’t. He was just having an off day.

If I had known he was out of sorts before we went downstairs to the dungeon, I might have suggested calling it off. But he says today that he really did want to play. He just thinks he needs to be aroused. So now we have another piece to the Lion puzzle. To find out how it fits we’ll need to experiment on the length of time that he’s been waiting versus the arousal factor.

I know a lot of you are shaking your heads and wondering what difference it makes if Lion is aroused. Just beat his butt already! Well, it matters to me. And it matters to him. I’m doing this for him. I’d never beat his butt if he didn’t want me to. If I ever impose a super long wait and we get to the date and he says he’s just not into it, we’d wait. I’d take him to the shrink to make sure he was sane for not wanting an orgasm, but I certainly wouldn’t force him to have one.

Now, if it turns out he always need to be aroused, which means he’d need to be uncaged, the problem is that unlocking him and locking him back up takes time. As I said, I am about to have far less time on my hands for playing with my pet. If I can stick a butt plug in him without unlocking him that’s one thing. If he is unlocked then, theoretically, I have to be present to make sure he doesn’t masturbate. Not that this is a huge issue, but during his last wait (which wasn’t particularly long) I suggested leaving him wild so he could take a shower. I knew he was very horny, but I wanted to give him the chance to get really clean. He said it wasn’t a good idea to leave him wild. He wasn’t sure he could trust himself in the shower with a soapy hand. Fair enough. And I give him a lot of credit for confessing that. But if he needs to be unlocked every other day I can see that wearing my patience thin. Maybe he doesn’t. We have to experiment.

I do know that tonight Lion will be unlocked and, while he may not get edged, Mr. Weenie will have some sort of attention. It may be velcro. It may be clothes pins. It may be oral attention that does not quite make it to edging. I haven’t decided yet. But Lion will be aroused. And horny. And still have to wait till Wednesday for his orgasm.