njoy butt plug
Njoy butt plug. It is available in several sizes. This is a heavy, metal plug that is easy to accept and retain. The handle makes it easy for the keyholder to insert and remove.

It’s Saturday night and Mrs. Lion just inserted the smaller NJoy butt plug. It is actually the largest of the three they make in their regular line, but there is a super-sized version that we have and Mrs. Lion has been eying it and my butt. So, tonight is probably a warmup for the big insertion. It’s in me now as I sit at my desk. Truly, this is a very comfortable plug to wear.

Because Mrs. Lion indicated that she likes my rear view, I made sure I was on my hands and knees with my legs apart when she inserted the plug. I  usually am flat on my stomach for insertions and spanking. Now that I know she likes the view, I will do my best to present it to her when possible.

Friday night’s ruined orgasm felt like a letdown to me. I know Mrs. Lion didn’t want it and I didn’t realize what happened until it was too late. I know it’s possible to learn to delay ejaculation long enough to ask to end the stimulation. I don’t have that skill. Only after she stopped, I noticed that something more was happening. This time there was very little ejaculate. Today I am just as horny as I should be after waiting close to a week.

Over the last few days we have received several warm comments from readers who like what we share and who feel our approach to this power exchange is reasonable. Reading these kind comments and the information the writers shared about themselves, made me realize how much I value hearing from you.

This blog was never meant to be a one way discourse. From the beginning we hoped that others would share their lives and experiences as well as letting us know what we can do to make our journal more useful and interesting.

When I first started my enforced chastity and this blog, I never imagined that Mrs. Lion and I would learn from each other’s writing. We have. Big time. Our sharing has become a major channel of communication between us. Like you, I learn from every post she writes.  She says she learns from mine as well.

It isn’t that we don’t talk. We do. But both of us have a harder time talking about what we like. Our conversations about what turns each of us on have been few. Until now. Reading her words have taught me so many new things about her, her feelings about me, and what I can do to make things better between us.

She and I have always been best friends and we don’t keep secrets from one another. But we also worry about hurting each other’s feelings. I don’t want to say or do something that would make her sad or guilty. My pleasure isn’t worth that. Imagine how wonderful a surprise it was to discover that by reading her posts, I was able to discover how she really felt about our sexual adventures. I suspect the same is true for her as well.

We have come to use this blog as another important way to share with each other. What’s more, we both truly like sharing with you. We were talking about it today. It makes us very happy that you care enough to follow along with our lives. It is also amazing to learn that sometimes we are helpful as well.

The reason I started Male Chastity Journal was to provide an honest, non-porn look into enforced chastity. I doubt very many guys jerk off to our posts. If they do, that’s great. I really wanted women to feel safe reading here and getting non-fantasy information about our adventure. Everything you read here is true. For the last ten months, you have been with us. I am very grateful for that. Our readership has grown steadily Web statistics have several key indicators. Total number of visitors is one, of course. But we also know how many visitors are new and how many are returning (well, not precisely, but the metric software we have mysteriously figures it out). We don’t know who you are and we never save any potentially identifying information, but we have an idea how long the average visit is and how many pages are read on average by each visitor.

The value of all this data is that we know that more and more of our visitors are returning. I love that! The majority still come from search engines, but it seems that more come back after satisfying their searches. I love your comments and emails. It feels to me that we are starting a little community of people who, like us, are exploring enforced male chastity. How cool is that?

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    We really enjoy your blog and journey. Your experiences have allowed us to open up and discuss our power struggle. I want more of a dominate role from Mrs. S. I desire to more punishment and power control from mrs. S.. However mrs.s is reluctant to be more assertive and dominate in nature..Any suggestions?

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