Managing Lion Part 2

I failed to mention yesterday that I need to be more mindful of the promises I make to Lion. If I say I am planning to play with him every night then I should follow through or, at least, let him know early in the evening that I changed my mind. I haven’t been seeing it from his point of view. That anticipation with the ensuing letdown is difficult to take.

This will become even more important because in about a week my work hours will be changing. I’ll be working later and more hours, potentially even through the weekend. That will leave less time for Lion play. I’ll need to make every minute count. Since a lot of those hours are from my second job, I will be at home and there’s no reason I couldn’t take a break to play. As long as Lion and I continue to communicate I think we can make it through. The downside is that Lion will be alone more often while I work. He gets lonely and craves more attention. With fewer hours available, I can’t give him more attention. The toddler may come out more often.

Maybe I’m selling him short. He knows the extra hours are a necessity. The adult in him understands why he will be alone. Unfortunately, the grumbly bottom sometimes wins the argument in his mind. I’ll be even more tired. He’ll be even more grumpy. It will be interesting to say the least.

I think my best bet is to stick to the every other day arrangement and not over promise him. I hope this will lead to less disappointment for him. It means I may have to put anal training on hold. Although it takes no time at all to shove a butt plug in. Again, I don’t want to get his hopes up. We’ll just have to continue to play it by ear.