I think I may have tried to rush things last night. We started off with Lion on all fours. I used his clone dildo on him. Rather than stretching him, I wanted to get him used to the movement. He definitely needs more practice. It was difficult for him so we stopped fairly quickly.

Then we moved on to spanking. I started with my hand but I didn’t warm him up enough. Instead of getting him to his zone, it was painful. However, when he asked me to stop I kept going. Even if it’s painful I felt it was necessary for me to dictate when I stopped.

Although I flexed my muscle, so to speak, I consider the spanking to be a failure. I didn’t do what I wanted to do. I didn’t do what Lion needed. While it’s true that I am trying to train him, I am also trying to train myself. I need to be consistent not only with the amount of attention I pay him, but also the quality of it.

I’m not giving up. I’m sure I’ll get more training this weekend. Spanking in the sling is not the easiest, but it does offer wonderful access to his buns. We also have a spanking bench that hasn’t seen much activity in a while. I’ll have to correct that oversight. Sounds like another busy weekend for Lion. Too bad he has to wait till Monday for his orgasm.