Lubed Lion

Lion was really looking forward to his long-awaited, and delayed, orgasm. He was hard almost immediately. I decided to give him a hand job, but this time I used some lube. Most things feel better with lube. It means I can grip him tighter without friction being a problem. I know he loves that.

The down side to using the lube is that I couldn’t feed Lion his semen. I know Lion will say I could have fed it to him. He hates to eat it so, from his point of view, it may even improve the flavor. But I think a mouthful of lube would be far worse than semen, so I don’t give it to him. I think it’s mean. He wants me to be more mean. I’m working on it.

The other night, when I had extended his wait time by a day, he thought I should have teased him so he was more frustrated. He says it would make him less likely to be snarky in the future. I figured it would make him more snarky that night. Live and learn. I was trying to prove a point without pissing him off more than he already was. I guess I need to roll up my sleeves and get meaner.

His next scheduled orgasm is November 17. He’s already complaining. Not real complaining. It will be about a week before he hits his toddler stage again. And he’s already said he may need to break out the coupons. For a two week wait. When I laughed at him he said coming feels so good he wants to do it more often. I can’t disagree with that statement. It doesn’t mean I’ll allow it. He may be disappointed when he finds out what some of his other wait times are. Oh well. One day at a time, Lion.