We males frequently forget that our penises are mostly for urination, not sex. If you consider the number of hours a day you are not hard or having sex, you will immediately see that while sex may be the most fun, peeing is the main job. Wearing a chastity device makes peeing more difficult for most of us. I have to visually check to be sure my urethra is unobstructed by any bars. If I forget, I create a urine shower bath. Yuck! At home to avoid this risk, I usually pee sitting down. At work I use the urinal. However, even then I have to check and be sure the guy standing next to me can’t see my cage.

I’ve noticed that I have been adapting to these difficulties in ways that aren’t particularly good for me.  For example, to avoid dealing with frequent urination, I limited the the amount of liquids that I drank. After recent blood tests, I saw that my kidney functions were not as good as they should be. This was the direct result of dehydration. Now, I make a point of drinking and just deal with the inconvenience of peeing with the cage.

My point is that we often adapt to new situations without being consciously aware that we are doing it. Part of full time enforced chastity is learning new ways to do things. The key is to find those new ways without doing things that endanger your health.