As promised, Mrs. Lion put me in my sling for a play session. She kindly warmed up our playroom, and because she knows I like it, remained fully clothed. Once safely in my restraints, she mixed hand spanking with attention to my cock. Both were really nice. She stopped and said,

So you don’t want to come today?

“Not necessarily.”

“I know it’s not up to you, but I wanted to know what you would like.”

“Right now I wouldn’t mind at all.”

“Good thing! You might be unhappy when you learn when you will get to come again.”

I didn’t say anything else. She proceeded to put increasingly larger objects up my ass. She moved each in and out, giving me a good pegging. Last, she inserted the NJoy butt plug. I barely felt it going in.

“I guess that was easy to take after the other things.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

The truth is, I had no idea it was a butt plug. It just felt like a dildo that wasn’t too big. She did take some time pegging me with the clone of my penis. It felt good and I told her. She said,

“I like how it feels, too.”

I smiled. She was thinking of the real lion penis inside her.

She also spent time playing with and sucking my cock. She brought me to the edge several times. Then, she took some clothespins that have sandpaper on the gripping surface and put them on my balls. Ouch! She didn’t stop there. She took out the tiny clothespins and put four of them on my cock head (image). Now I remember clearly how much they hurt. This tine I didn’t stay hard after she put them on. I guess I am out of practice.

Next, Mrs. Lion removed the clothespins from my cock and used her mouth to make it feel better and gave me a great orgasm. She said there was a lot of semen. Well, it had been eight days. Tonight I am a happy lion. Next time maybe Mrs. Lion will put more of them on me and I will stay hard. Stay tuned.