Tuesday night, just before bed, Mrs. Lion handed me my base ring. I put it on and she locked me up again. After a few days unrestrained I had mixed feelings about returning to my cage. Now that I am locked up again, I like the return to our normal state of affairs. It does feel good to be caged again. I like consistency. I feel much more my old self.

A few things about online life drive me nuts.  The one that will generally stop me from reading is the misuse of capital letters. In the early days of online role playing, “subs” wanted to feel dominated and wanted to somehow publicly demonstrate their submission. One way they came up with was to capitalize any reference to the “dom.” This resulted in the absolutely annoying capitalization of pronouns. This resulted in sentences like this: “Your skin, Mistress, is so soft and i would love to touch You with my lips.”

The first pronoun, “Your”, is properly capitalized since it is the first word in a sentence. The “You” is that online convention that I find annoying. To compound the annoyance, these “subs” changed “I” to “i”. This bothers me. Only pronouns that refer to the diety should be capitalized. What’s the big deal? It disturbs me. It stops my eye and makes me lose track of the meaning of the writing. This practice also distances the “dom” from her “sub”. I don’t think there are many keyholders who want to distance themselves from their lovers/caged males.

This gets me to my second pet peeve: depersonalizing the keyholder. One of the most erotic aspects of being a bottom is imagining that the top is a distant, god/goddess-like being who has absolute power. In the real world (pre-Internet), very few, if any, bottoms had that expectation. Topping in general is more situational and only lasts for individual sessions. Enforced chastity, on the other hand, is a long-term, lifestyle change. I’m pretty sure that every caged male has imagined himself in this lifelong, orgasm-limited bondage. How many have thought about how this affects his keyholder?

Mrs. Lion is my partner. Most important to me is her happiness. For her to be my ideal keyholder, she would have to devote a significant amount of time and energy as a stern disciplinarian who sees controlling me and training me as her priority. What’s wrong with that picture? Well, for starters under that scenario, the only pleasure she gets is what she demands. Effectively I have withdrawn spontaneous displays of my love since I have no right to do it. Where does she get her support and love?

I am very sure that real life couples would never descend into that pattern. However, if I let myself slip into the fantasy, I express wishes that would move our relationship in that direction. So, I try to spend at least as much of my time thinking about ways to make sure Mrs. Lion is happy as I do thinking about enforced chastity. The result of this thinking makes me a very grateful lion. Mrs. Lion works incredibly hard to make my enforced chastity dream come true.

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    i have been turned off by a lot of sex related forums. Those of us who do things for real, can spot the online fantasy posters. You know, the ones who say they were forced to show their parents their chastity device while wearing a maid outfit. If you question their veracy, you get attacked by many forum members. It appears to me that many sex forum members buy into the fantasy posts because they wish it happened to them.

    It is refreshing to read what I think and expressed much better than I can. I cringe when guys forcefully insist that they are treated like a slave 24/7 and then go in to list all the things that a guy would want done to him. I feel as you do. For my wife and I, chastity is our current lifestyle by mutual desire. Whether locked or not, I do not cheat. Why cheat myself? I feel the same as you about my CB6000s. I feel the same, as if I am not wearing my wedding band.

    I choose to submit. I am not dominated. There is a difference. We fall into and out of our respective roles all the time, as required to live our life. After reading some website posts elsewhere, you would think that loving wives suddenly change their personality, and treat their husbands like dirt. Of course, they throw the cuckold fantasy out there too. Cuckolding has the be the most written and shared fantasy out there, and one of the least actually practiced.

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