Things haven’t been too exciting around our house. I’m still not 100% and Mrs. Lion feels under the weather now. She may have caught the bug from me. My cage sits empty on the bathroom counter. I think I am well enough to put it on tonight. Last night’s orgasm felt really good, but not as good as it would have felt if I weren’t so sick. At least things are improving day by day.

Mrs. Lion was right in her post yesterday. I am in no danger of playing with myself. Sex is absolutely not on my mind. Even though I could stay uncaged longer, I don’t want to do that. There is no rational reason that I want it back on. I guess it is part of me and is less of a way to assure my chastity as it is a way to display my surrender to Mrs. Lion. It’s a genital wedding ring, I suppose. In BDSM, owned bottoms will frequently wear a locked collar as a symbol of their ownership. I think for me, the chastity device, aside from its obvious practical use, is an unremovable symbol that I belong to someone.

One reason I am not too concerned with “security” is that the cage isn’t really there to stop me from getting off without permissions. Frankly, a vibrator will defeat most any chastity device in terms of unauthorized orgasms. It’s there as a very practical symbol of my surrender to Mrs. Lion. While many of us males enjoy the idea of being “forced” to be chaste, we have to realize on some level that we are choosing this path and our keyholders aren’t really forcing us.

I know, the fantasy is that our “freedom” is taken away and that we can’t even get hard without keyholder help. I really can’t get a full erection while in the cage, but I am pretty sure that I could orgasm if I tried hard enough. Even if I get tempted, the amount of work needed to defeat my Jail Bird would discourage me from actually getting myself off.

The fact that wearing the cage makes everyday things more difficult is a good thing. Every time I pee, I am reminded that I belong to Mrs. Lion. When I get a little pinch and need to adjust, it is because I am hers.  Just like my wedding ring, if I am not wearing it I am uncomfortable. That’s why I want it on as soon as possible. I’m not worried about a sneaky jerk off. I want to feel Mrs. Lion’s ownership. So, sick or well I want my wedding ring and cage to stay right where they belong.