It’s My Call

Lion is still wild. Despite saying he feels more comfortable when he’s locked up and under my control, last night he asked if he could stay wild until morning. Since mornings are sometimes hectic, he didn’t get caged again. This isn’t really a problem. I know if I insisted I could have locked him back up. I’m more concerned with his health than whether or not he’s caged. First things first.

I do understand his reluctance to be wild for any length of time. The cage is a friendly reminder that he isn’t in charge of Mr. Weenie even when we’re not together. And, I assume, the longer he is wild the more he wonders if I care if he is caged ever again. Well I do care. However, I care more about his health than I care about the cage. I keep thinking what it would be like if the situation were reversed. If I was sick or injured, I wouldn’t want to worry about something pinching me or if I’d make a mess when I pee. I’d want to be as comfortable as possible.

When Lion can manage to work a full day and stay awake after dinner it will be a clear signal to me that he feels better. And I will lock my weenie away again. I don’t think he should be allowed to dictate when I feel he is ready to be caged again. He can have input but I will make the decision. It’s my key, my cage, my weenie, and, most importantly, my Lion.