As you’ve read, my poor Lion didn’t have a very good birthday. Maybe life is trying to tell us he should not be subjected to a long wait time. Each time I’ve made him wait longer than nine days, he’s been sick on the scheduled date.

Last night he said I’d have to change the date on our Lion orgasm calendar. I was surprised that he thought he’d have a new wait time assigned when we weren’t through with this wait time yet. I’m even more surprised that he thought he wouldn’t have an orgasm because he was sick. Why wouldn’t the date just move to the next time he felt well enough to play? I would even go so far as to say that we can wait until he is well enough to enjoy the full play time he was promised. In other words, he may feel better today, but will he really feel well enough to be pegged, tied up, spanked, and given an orgasm? What if the pegging and spanking are too much? Suppose he says he could manage an orgasm, but not the rest? Does he lose out on his awesome birthday present? I don’t think so. I’m not going to punish him because he was sick. Given how he looked yesterday, he was punished enough. I don’t want him to feel rushed into things.

If Lion feels up to an orgasm tonight he can have it. If he wants to wait for the rest for another night, we can do that. Of course he’ll get an orgasm then, too. When I decide that he has had his full birthday orgasmic experience, I will choose his next wait time.