I Got My Reward

clothespins on penis
Here I am with clothespins on my poor penis. (click image for non-blurred picture)

Thursday night I got my promised reward. As she predicted, I chose being restrained to the bed. I love that! She did say that I only got one wish. What happens after that was, of course, up to her. So, Mrs. Lion got out the leather cuffs and the straps we have for tying me down. To my surprise, she wanted to tie me down face up.

Once I was secured to the bed, Mrs. Lion went to the spare bedroom and brought back her big ziplock bag of cock and ball toys. Uh oh! In that bag, she had several kinds of clothespins. They range from rather mild wooden clothespins to very painful plastic ones. From my position (flat on my back, tied spread-eagle) I couldn’t see what she was doing. I certainly felt it.  She had chosen the painful, plastic clothespins (See image, right – click on the image for explicit view).

She spent a lot of time putting them on, pulling on them, taking them off and moving them. She also made sure I remained hard. It was very intense. Finally, she removed the clothespins and began masturbating me. She brought me to the edge a couple of times. I was so hot! To my complete surprise, she kept going and let me have a full orgasm.

Afterward, she said she was doing an experiment. She wanted to find out if I produced more semen after substantial teasing. She said she wasn’t sure I did. I pointed out that she had enough to get a good taste herself and then enough to give me a nice amount to swallow. She considered that and agreed that I did produce more than usual. I suspect she thought I would gush. I think that increasing that production would require more activity, perhaps edging an hour or so before actual release.

It had only been two days since my scheduled release on September 30. I was very surprised she let me orgasm. What a truly exceptional reward!