It’s noon on Saturday and I realized a few minutes ago that I didn’t have a post for today. Sometimes I struggle to find things to write about. You’ve probably noticed, from time to time, I don’t have a post on weekends. Since I usually write them the morning they are published, I frequently don’t have time depending on what we’re doing that particular weekend. There are times that Lion has posts stacked up three deep already scheduled and ready to go. He then has the option of publishing as planned or preempting for a more timely post. I’m jealous of his ability to do that. Of course, when I think about it, it makes sense that he can. This is his “thing”. He has ideas and experience with many things kinky. My posts are more reactionary and along the lines of reporting the news.

Today is a slow news day. Last night was a laid back night. It frequently is after Lion’s had an orgasm. He may be horny, but he’s not grumbly yet and, although I know he would enjoy the attention, playing was not necessarily on his mind. He’s mellow. By tonight he’ll be on the prowl again, so to speak. So I better have some ideas ready for him. After his reward Thursday night, with all the activity surrounding his orgasm, whatever I do will probably be a letdown. There’s no way I can sustain that amount of play every other night. And I don’t think I should feel any pressure to.

I think that’s actually a revelation for me. I shouldn’t feel pressure. Where did that come from? I’m pretty sure the confident part of me is always thinking, “He’s lucky I ever unlock him!” Unfortunately, the uncertain part of me thinks, “You have to do better!” Guess which one wins most of the time. So far today, the tiny confident part is winning. I don’t have any plans to rock Lion’s world tonight. I was toying with the idea of putting him on a regimen of an orgasm every other day, but then I figured that would get boring very quickly. He didn’t like it when he came every night for a week or so. I can’t imagine every other night would be much different. And that’s a lot of pressure on me too. I like to make each time a little different. Even if I give him a blow job twice in a row, I try to vary the technique a little. I doubt he would ever think a blow job is boring, but why take a chance.

So, under no pressure to meet or exceed the activities of Thursday night, tomorrow may very well be another slow news day. But you never know.