It seems that Mrs. Lion and I often post about the same thing. We don’t read each other’s posts before we write our own. She generally writes hers on the day it appears. Since mine is published very early in the morning, I write mine the day before. It’s interesting to me that our topic choices are generally the same. Hers however, tend to be from a very different point of view. That’s certainly to be expected. I wonder if anyone thinks that we discuss these things before we write them. We don’t. Generally, we give each other a heads-up to read the upcoming post. Most often we just approve and move on. On occasion we disagree about an upcoming post. Sometimes there are corrections, other times it just goes through anyway.

There are occasions when I wince a bit when Mrs. Lion reveals something I have never discussed with anyone but her. Some of the things she writes make me look less than perfect. When I see those things I usually don’t mention them. You have a right to see me through her eyes. Just some of the things she sees and reports does make me feel smaller.

That’s both the risk and the price of sharing our lives out here on the web. Friday, Mrs. Lion said,

Because Lion can’t maintain an erection while on top or standing, most of the heavy lifting falls on me. And, now that I’m thinking about it, maybe one of the reasons why I don’t care about sex so much is because I started seeing it as work. It became something that we don’t do together so much as I do it to him and I’m supposed to jump on the bandwagon.

 It’s true that I have had trouble maintaining my erection when standing. I think it may be more psychological than physical, but it’s true. Apparently, according to Mrs. Lion, her loss of interest in sex is due to my inabilities. So, if I take some boner pills and change the position we have coitus, her libido will return. I’m willing to try. I will do anything I can to help her recover her enjoyment of sex. Does this mean that she is unhappy I am caged and that it’s just one more thing that is work for her? That’s what’s going through my mind.

I’m sure that this isn’t why you come here to read our blog.  Sometimes reality can intrude in our enforced chastity. I think it’s important (to me at least) that I share the bad with the good. Relationships are complex. Locking my penis in a cage doesn’t simplify ours. Maybe it makes it more complicated and difficult.

The thing that you probably can’t tell from reading this is what effect this saddening information has on our relationship. The fact is that it has no serious effect. We love each other completely and while we both are clearly unhappy with sex right now, we aren’t unhappy with each other. That means everything to me.