What A Nice Surprise

Thursday night Mrs.Lion unlocked me for some teasing. I was absolutely ready to go. She did something different. She stroked me very slowly with long up and down movements. Her hand was in a different position too. It wasn’t very long before I wanted to help. I couldn’t stop myself. My hips pumped trying to fuck her hand. There were times years ago when I would be on my knees and Mrs. Lion would just hold my penis. I had to thrust to get stimulation. She would let me fuck her hand until I came. I liked that a lot. This experience was a little different but it immediately made me think back to those other times when I supplied all the movement.

What surprised me was what happened when I felt close to coming. I told her that I was going to come soon. She just said,


And she kept stroking. In a few seconds I had a delicious, surprise orgasm. Later, I asked why she let me come. She said,

“You were working so hard thrusting, I just felt you should come.”

Wow, wow, wow. I was taken completely by surprise. This was a truly excellent treat. It had been five days since I had used my orgasm reward coupon, so I was at a high level of excitement. My next orgasm is scheduled for 9/30, only five days from Thursday’s surprise.

I am very mellow today. It feels great to have had release last night. Some males say they feel let down or depressed after orgasm. I don’t. I am happy and relaxed. Sex is not on my mind now.

Apparently, there is a wide range of post-orgasmic  reactions for males. Based on my reading around the Web, many of the guys who end up caged, have real letdowns or even depression for some time after coming. Maybe one reason they want to avoid orgasm is to avoid these feelings. Some have said that the tease-and-deny is ideal for them. They get the fun of massive arousal without the letdown if they orgasm.

I wonder how many caged males feel just fine after orgasm like me. My interest in being caged has nothing to do with how sex feels to me. I love it. It feels good before, during, and after. My interest is in surrendering control. Mrs. Lion gets that and her treatment of me reflects my particular kink.  The process has been evolutionary. Progress is steady.

I know that my contentment is temporary. By Sunday I will be extremely interested in coming. I may be tonight. However, my caging is not about orgasms. It’s about control. If my wait is a day, an hour, or a month, it is under Mrs. Lion’s control. I am very happy about that.