Yes, it is true that I do the whole chastity thing and all his kinks because I want to make him happy. However, I do understand that doing “evil” things to him that he doesn’t necessarily like also, in the long run, makes him happy. That’s how I get through the punishment swats and other things I don’t like to do. I don’t have to like it. Of course, he doesn’t have to like it either.

Part of my power is balancing between the fun stuff and the not-so-fun (at the time) stuff. So when Lion does something nice, like cooking dinner for almost a whole week, I can wave my magic wand and make a Good Lion coupon appear for a free, bonus, no-strings-attached orgasm. Conversely, if he did something bad, like leave his dirty clothes all over the house, I can wave my magic wand and make a Naughty Lion coupon for five days added to his wait time. (Lion, if you do this now I will just laugh at you, but you will not get time added.)

I have always said I am open to suggestions. If Lion thinks five days is a long time for leaving his dirty clothes all over the house, he can certainly plead his case. Depending on his argument I may adjust the time. If he wanted to trade those extra five days for three days of no playing, I would think about it and make a decision. When he asked to trade his bonus orgasm for a day off his wait time I was willing to consider it. I am not unreasonable.

I don’t see any of this as topping from the bottom. He has a concern. We talk about it. I wouldn’t give him a reward coupon if I didn’t want him to use it. If there are restrictions they will be on the coupon. If I don’t put any restrictions on it because I forgot then it’s my fault, not his. A bonus orgasm coupon with no resetting the clock and no expiration date would be a very valuable coupon. No restrictions. Lucky Lion.

I do need to work on punishing him when I feel he is really topping from the bottom. It’s one thing to remind me that I forgot to give him punishment swats for something. It’s another thing to make a snide comment about breaking rules and not being punished. On Saturday he ate before me and I didn’t punish him. Sunday he dropped some food and said it probably didn’t matter because he wasn’t getting punished for anything anyway. So I waited for him to come out of the shower, told him Saturday’s transgression was forgiven because I had forgotten, and gave him four very hard swats with the scratchy, mean paddle on his freshly showered, tender buns. I think I made my point. But I need to do more.

Sometimes it’s difficult because I already feel like I’m doing so much for him and he’ll say something that let’s me know it’s not enough. He wants more. Part of me says “enough already!” and another part of me just adds it to the list. I can only do so much at one time, but I do try to incorporate things from the list when I can. I have to tell myself that my horny, pet Lion is a toddler at heart. He wants everything and sometimes he wants it all at once. It’s my job to tame him.