When I first gave Lion his Good Lion coupon he was excited about having a bonus orgasm whenever he wanted. Then he decided it felt like cheating. After I read his post for this morning (the first draft), he asked if I understood why he was having trouble using the coupon. I told him I don’t really understand why he wants what he wants so we can just add that to the list. He asked if I would be willing to trade the bonus orgasm for a day or two off his wait time. I said I would consider it. About an hour later he presented his coupon for the bonus orgasm. I hadn’t even had a chance to think about the trade.

I wondered what effect the coupon would have on him. I thought he’d hold it for a few days at least. He’s said that giving him a bonus orgasm feels like cheating and I know he doesn’t want to choose when he gets to come because it’s like he’s in charge. But he had a coupon. And I wouldn’t have given it to him unless I wanted to him to have an opportunity to choose at least this one time. If anything I thought the coupon would make it easier to get through the twenty-one days. Maybe it would be difficult one day but he knew he had the coupon so he could present it and be fine. Then that urgency would pass and he’d see he could make it one more day. And then maybe the next day wasn’t so difficult. But the day after was difficult again, but there’s this coupon that he can use and did he really want to use it that day or could he make it another day? And so on. Instead, he caved in after less than twenty-four hours. Lion always says he doesn’t have an addictive personality. He may not be addicted to sex, but he has less willpower than he thinks.

Technically I could have canceled the coupon last night when he asked if it was time for his orgasm. He may be able to tell me what day he has one, but he shouldn’t get to tell me the exact time. I knew he was excited so I didn’t even suggest a delay or cancellation. I may be getting better at this being in charge business, but I’m still a pushover. I did make him “suffer” through Velcro on his cock and his balls being tied up before I asked him if he had a preference for the method I used for his orgasm. Not that I was going to do what he wanted, necessarily, I just thought I’d ask. He said he’d leave it up to me. So he got one of my famous (at least in our household) blow jobs. Now he’s a happy Lion. Well, he was satisfied. He’s probably horny again by now.

Lion says he thinks twenty-one days is too long for him to wait. He knows other men wait far longer, but he’s not looking for the marathon wait times. Of course he’ll wait if I want him to, but he thinks ten days is good. Fair enough. I don’t care when he comes. We’ll have to discuss if he wants a specific date chosen again. If so, then he may go longer than ten days if he gets the punishment he’s looking for. Speaking of punishment, I made a new rule for him last night. He has to ask my permission before he can take a shower. Not that I’ll ever tell him he can’t, but I may want to take one first. He asked me last night what the punishment will be and I didn’t have an answer for him. Now I think it will be two days added to his wait time (assuming he still has a wait time).

The scheduled orgasm date is still September 30. We’ll decide if a specific date is still needed and go from there. For now, the pressure is off Lion and he should be happy for a few days before his need becomes urgent again.