Repaired Lion

I am happy to report that Lion is back in action. Yesterday he managed to remain vertical for most of the day and he was able to eat whatever he wanted. And, while he had serious concerns about being broken sexually, this is not the case.

Last night I did try something different with him. First I gave him little love taps on his balls and cock. Not surprisingly, his cock sprang to life. Again, I wasn’t taking any chances so I moved into position between his legs. To change things up a bit I only touched him on the upstroke. I think it surprised him a bit. When I did suck him normally and then stopped, he actually whispered, “don’t stop.”  Of course I had to tease him a bit more, but by only touching him on the upstroke I was hoping I wouldn’t push him over the edge too quickly. It worked perfectly.

Afterwards Lion said he was glad he wasn’t broken. He said what happened Saturday night had never happened before and he was afraid something drastic was wrong. I didn’t think he was broken for good. His concern was that he’d be useless without the ability to have an erection. Of course I know men’s erections are a symbol of more than just sex, but Lion would not be useless if Mr. Weenie took a permanent vacation. After all, he’d still have his tongue and his fingers. I’m teasing my Lion. Obviously we are about more than just sex. I’m glad Lion feels better in every capacity.