Sometimes it’s as difficult for me to control myself as it is for Lion to hold back his orgasms. I should know by now that my mouth is no match for his cock. I didn’t really have specific plans for him last night. I just figured I’d edge him a few times and that would be that. But did I do that? Nope.

I don’t know what made me decide to tease him with my mouth. I told him right from the beginning that he was not allowed to have an orgasm. I knew he was over-the top excited. His erection didn’t fit all the way in my mouth. But I kept going anyway. So it was really no surprise that he couldn’t hold on. Whatever the point is between ruined orgasm and full orgasm, we hit it. No amount of squirming on his part kept him from oozing out a little. But the good news is, he’s horny again this morning so I didn’t go too, too far.

Afterwards he said he thought it was me who couldn’t wait to give him an orgasm. I told him I could wait and that maybe I’d make him wait another week. He agreed that I could. Then a few minutes later nervously asked if I would really make him wait another week. I just smiled at him. Would I do that to him? Probably not. I’d have to listen to him whining and grumbling for another week. Even though I’ve relieved some of his pressure over the past week in the form of ruined orgasms and whatever that was last night, he’s still tree-humping horny. And he’s been a very good boy. While I have been working late, he’s been helping out around the house. And since I was already set to leave him wild for our last trip of the summer, I don’t really want to change those plans. However, I suppose I could leave him wild and unsatisfied until Friday. That way he may not be distracted by the cage pinching him but he may be distracted by the fact that he’s still a very horny boy. Too many choices!

The truth is, I don’t need him to wait another week. From my point of view, the whole reason for the cage is to keep us focused on our sexual relationship. Well, to keep me focused. There’s no reason for monumental waits on his part. Punishment really does nothing for me, but I understand the allure for him so extending a wait time is probably somewhere in his future. It’s true that the threat wears thin unless you follow through. I guess I’ll list that as a goal for me.

Lion can rest assured that he will have his orgasm as scheduled on Thursday night and he will indeed be wild for our trip. Of course, he’ll still need to be on his best behavior. I do have paddles and the shock collar at my disposal even if he’s not caged.