Lion’s Big Treat

Now from the title you’d probably expect that I caved in and gave Lion his orgasm a day early. I did not. What I did do, however, was allow him to give me an orgasm. Quite a few in fact. And how is that a treat for him?

Lion gets a big erection when he gives me orgasms. Had he been uncaged he probably would have gotten one last night. My intent was to make him hornier by proxy. I hope I made him more aware of the cage and the fact that he can’t come without permission. And he loves to give me orgasms. And I love to get them. Win-win.

Yesterday, I emailed him partway through the day that I would be needing his tongue or fingers later on. I asked him if that woke up Mr. Weenie. He said it certainly did. Bingo! He was now in anticipation mode. Of course he had no idea whether he would be uncaged for the festivities. I wasn’t sure if he would be either. It crossed my mind to unlock him so I could ride him when I was done with my orgasms. I love feeling him inside me. But, given my recent track record of ruined orgasms and the fact that I have no self-control, I probably would have given him a full orgasm. So I figure the Lion riding will wait till tonight.

After he was done with me, or I was done with him, I was playing with him through the cage and he said it’s too bad the cage covers the more sensitive parts of his cock. Poor boy. If I could touch the more sensitive parts then he could too. Not a good idea. It is a little frustrating for me to try to tease him through the bars, but I have the key and I can get to any part I want at any time. He shouldn’t be able to. Besides, he’ll have five days without the cage so he can touch anywhere he wants. But that doesn’t mean he should touch himself.

I haven’t decided how long Lion’s next wait will be. I do know that there will be opportunities for time off or time added. I’m going to enjoy our final trip of the summer and he can enjoy his wildness. Then I’ll decide.