What Is A Reward?

Mrs. Lion wrote about how my asking not to reduce my time as a reward is topping from the bottom. I don’t agree. Waiting less time may or may not be a reward. Is something a reward if the “gift” is something the recipient doesn’t want? I can understand Mrs. Lion’s confusion about my not wanting to come sooner. Actually I have a reason for that. My current orgasm date is Thursday, August 28, just before the Labor Day weekend. I was thinking how nice it would be to begin the long weekend that way. I am not going to be at work on Friday. If I come on Wednesday, it feels anticlimactic to me. I realize this is probably silly of me, but it was what I thought at the time I asked that my time not be reduced.

If, on the other hand, Mrs. Lion offered to give me an extra orgasm this weekend and maybe moved my next one to the following Friday or Saturday, I would have been delighted. I realize I have no right to decide when I should come. I think I do have a right to express whether or not I feel a change is a reward for good behavior.

Part of the problem, I think, is that the wait time wasn’t all that long. My longest was twelve days and I have to say that I really wanted to come by the end of the wait. But I wasn’t so desperate I would do tricks to shave off a day. Maybe because I don’t wait very long, the reduction in sentence just doesn’t feel that exciting. Mrs. Lion could extend my wait times and then I would have a very strong incentive to earn time off for good behavior.

There are plenty of non-orgasmic rewards I would love. How about a sling session, or an extra long tease with maybe a spanking thrown in? I just don’t know. Maybe just asking me if I would like to earn a day or two off my wait would help.

I think Mrs. Lion’s intentions were great. Perhaps it was ungrateful of me to say I would prefer not to reduce my wait this time. If so, I am very sorry. I do have one idea: how about a “take a day off your wait” coupons? After all, Mrs. Lion can reduce or extend my wait anytime she wants. I, on the other hand, have no say in it. Wouldn’t it be a great reward to be able to reduce my wait when I want? Just a thought.


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      No, I like that our posts tell a complete story. Their length depends on what we have to say at the time. Thanks for the suggestion.

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