Let’s face it, over time everything can become routine — even sex. Chastity isn’t immune from this problem. The novelty of having your penis locked up wears off sooner or later. Challenges, like longer and longer waits also start to pale. Keyholders face the demand for interesting teasing and other stimulation. Does all this stop being fun?

I think it can. It may be why so many people who start out in forced male chastity, end up with the device in a drawer and the activity forgotten.  Others look for ways to spice things up. Some caged males have a large collection of devices they have worn. Keyholders find themselves bored with edging and finding new ways to display sexual power. On the other side of the coin, some people try more and more extreme things, adding additional people, more extreme punishments, and other activities with the potential of destroying the relationship.

It’s obvious that with male chastity, eventually keyholder and caged male have to reach a point where both are comfortable and satisfied. This is no different than vanilla sex. There are finite limits to the range of sexual activities out there. I think that forced chastity is one way some people make sex more interesting again. There’s nothing wrong with this. In fact, I think that Mrs. Lion and I entered into this as one way to restore our sex life. Obviously, I also have a longstanding desire for Mrs. Lion to control me sexually. It seemed like a win/win. It worked.

Caging me upset the equilibrium that neither of us particularly liked. It forced us to communicate about sex and find ways to integrate chastity into our daily lives. It certainly didn’t solve all our problems, but it did force us to confront them directly. With me locked up, neither of us could pretend that sex wasn’t there. I couldn’t go off and masturbate when I got horny and Mrs. Lion couldn’t imagine that I was not interested.

You could argue that we could have done the same thing just by deciding to talk more. Maybe we could, but we didn’t. The cage forces me to let Mrs. Lion know how I am feeling and ask her for relief. She has to consider her role as keyholder and how important providing her with satisfaction is to me. The fact that we are both committed to keeping me locked up for another 18 months guarantees we can’t backslide.

Of course, even chastity can be routine. I can stay locked up for x days, then Mrs. Lion gets me off. In between she edges me a few times a week. Repeat for years and you start to yawn. But wait! We are communicating. We are sharing our fears and our fantasies. Mrs. Lion sets goals for herself. She is going to anally train me to accept her hand. I fantasize about being spanked. We let each other know and we do both. I suggested the shock collar. Mrs. Lion has decided to find new reasons to zap me. We are being creative.

We aren’t unique. For us, the cage is a lever that pries open our sexual thoughts and gets us to share them. We communicate here, by email, and by talking in person. We are learning to share our dreams, wants, and sexual needs. More importantly, we are listening and making them happen.