Lion Riding

As promised, I went for a Lion ride last night. It didn’t go exactly as planned. I think Lion forgot one of the reasons we stopped using this position. Over the years we’ve gained weight and we don’t fit together physically as we once did. The angles are off. For now, I don’t think it’s possible for me to orgasm while riding him.

Oh well, life and lemons, I turned around and went for a Lion orgasm with reverse Lion riding. However, Lion thought I didn’t want him to come and was trying to hold off. So I gave him a hand job. I didn’t a want to lock him up without the proper send off.

He asked how long he’d be waiting and I told him it would be eleven days or whatever the night before our trip is. He grumbled. It’s a long wait. I laughed at him. He’d just had an orgasm and was grumbling about a long wait. I told him there may be opportunities to have time off for good behavior. After I locked him up he said he had fun being wild. He’ll be wild again soon. When we leave for our trip in ten days or so I will unlock him before we go. This way I don’t have to remember the key at all. And he’s in no danger of being pinched by the cage for our long drive.

So how can Lion earn that time off for good behavior? I have to work late for the next week or so. Lion can make dinner. I think making dinner for seven days would be worth at least one day. Maybe two. It depends on how much he grumbles about making dinner for seven days. He’s an excellent cook. He just doesn’t want to cook every night. Hey, me too! I also don’t want to stay at work late. I’m sitting here today wondering if I can even make it to the end of a regular day. So grumbling about making dinner will definitely not go over well with me. However, walking into the house knowing that dinner is either ready or on the way to being ready will make Mrs Lion happy and more likely to make that eleven day wait get shorter. Besides, I’m not asking him to physically make dinner every night. He can stop by the store and get his famous fried chicken, cole slaw and potato salad dinner. Frozen lasagna works. Or he could text me and I will bring home Chinese food. He just has to figure out what’s for dinner so I can walk in the door and not have to worry about it. I’m not picky. We could have sandwiches. As long as I don’t have to think about it I’ll be happy. And I know Lion will be happy when those eleven days change to ten and maybe even nine.