On Sunday when I removed Lion from his cage for his playtime and orgasm, I didn’t immediately lock him back up. When he first asked me if I wanted him locked up again I was in the middle of something and then one thing led to another. At bedtime he asked if I had forgotten something. Why, yes. Yes I had. As I was locking him up he said he still wonders if I even care if he’s locked up. I didn’t answer him, but a few minutes later I remembered he “earned” some swats for eating before I did so I gave him an extra swat for his comment. I didn’t tell him the extra swat was there because I was debating whether he had a valid point or if he was just being snarky. Either way, I figured an extra swat just made up for a time I forgot to punish him in the past.

Why would Lion have a valid point? Do I care if he’s locked up? There are several different levels to that question. I don’t think Lion is going to run out and have sex with someone else. I don’t think Lion would go back to masturbating. I’m hoping he wouldn’t need to. Those are not reasons for keeping him caged. It doesn’t turn me on to know he’s caged, but then I haven’t been turned on by much lately. However, the cage has changed us. We’re better now. Neither of us wants to change that dynamic. For that reason alone, and it’s a big one, I care that he is caged.

Why would Lion be snarky? Sometimes my pet needs reassurance. I’ve noticed over the years that he will make a snide remark and/or have a tantrum when he feels neglected. I can only imagine how neglected he must have felt last night when he was still uncaged hours after he should have been locked up. Maybe he felt he was getting away with something and was just waiting to be caught. Maybe he didn’t want to bother me about it.

The cage was on his nightstand. If I had put it somewhere more conspicuous I would have remembered. It was my fault. From now on I will leave it right in front of me so I cannot forget. So maybe Lion didn’t deserve the extra swat he got last night. Maybe he actually deserves a reward for reminding me. I’ll see what I can do about that.