Cage Therapy

lion humping tree
After three days I get tree-humping horny and stay that way until I get relief.

This is our sixth month of chastity. In that time, I have had orgasms pretty regularly averaging more than one a week. This is actually more sex than we’ve had before I was locked up. I’m sure the sexual focus of forced chastity has reawakened our sexual relationship. How cool is that! It’s funny, but I’ve never considered myself typical at anything. However, I seem to be very typical in terms of how I react to being locked up. Mrs. Lion has noticed that after three days I get tree-humping horny, and after five I get growly. During my 9 and then 12 day lockups, I noticed that I calmed down considerably on the seventh day, but continued to get horny. The way Mrs. Lion teases me, that is no surprise.

What does surprise me is how consistent I am. My assumption was that once I got used to denial on a regular basis, I would lose a lot of my need to get off. Somehow my mind and body would deal with deprivation by turning down my horny level. Well, for this lion it just doesn’t work that way. Why am I surprised? Because as I have aged, the urgency of my sexual needs has diminished. This is a normal side effect of aging. My erections also lost some of their size and stiffness. When Mrs. Lion got me off or I masturbated, my erections were probably about  80% of full mast. I even got a prescription for Cialis believing that I had begun losing my ability to get hard. Then along came chastity.

When I was first locked up it took some time for me to get hard when released for teasing. My erections were 80-percenters. More recently I get hard faster and achieve a 100 percent boner. No drugs needed. A good part of this change is due in no small part to Mrs. Lion’s increased skill at knowing just how to get me super aroused. Her hand is way better than mine at getting me off. Another part of my new success, I think, is the fact that I am locked up. I never masturbated excessively, so it isn’t the fact that the cage prevents me from that release. It has more to do with the force of understanding that there is nothing I can do to get off. Mrs. Lion literally holds the key to my orgasms.

I also find myself with morning wood pretty much every day, even when I am a wild lion. Before my caging, I rarely woke up hard. Being analytical at heart I try to understand these very nice changes. It’s not physical. It must be my mind shifting gears. This, I am sure, is caused by the change in my relationship with the love of my life. During the years that Mrs. Lion and I sexually drifted apart, I unconsciously compensated by losing a lot of my interest in sex. Yes, I needed regular orgasms or I got grumpy.  But they were more a physical need than a full mind/body experience. That’s why my boners were less than wonderfully hard. Now that our intimacy has returned and Mrs. Lion’s interest in the state of my penis is so intense, my body is responding with a bang.

I never would have guessed that something as primal as my erections and orgasmic pleasure could be tied so closely to my sexual relationship with Mrs. Lion. It’s true that through all those years I never considered getting a lover to provide me with sexual release. I just turned down the volume on my libido. All of this was unconscious. It just happened. Who knows, maybe locking up the male partner is a new kind of sex therapy for couples who have lost some of their sexual interest. Cage therapy!