My Next Goal

lion and lioness love
I want to wake up my sex drive. I know that Lion worries it is him.

I’ve had a lot of obstacles of my own making getting in the way of Lion’s happiness. I’m working on overcoming them. I’ve been trying to make decisions. I’ve been trying to get over my fear of actually hurting him. I’ve been trying to get over my distaste for being in charge. But the one that gets in the way most of all is one that I cannot seem to power through. And that is my lack of sex drive.

Lion is convinced that I was turned on by spanking him after his twelve day wait because I was wet when I rode him. I didn’t feel turned on. To me it was equal to his morning wood. If he’s hard he must be turned on. Not true. He’s never turned on in the morning. I can be turned on and not wet. And, apparently, I can be wet and not turned on. Regardless, I should know when I am turned on.

A day after I had given Lion a very nice orgasm he told me it was my turn that night. Was it? He said he wanted it to be. Well, it wasn’t. And even after I had ridden him for another orgasm a few days later he said I must be horny since I had been wet while riding him. I do admit that his cock inside me did feel especially nice that time, but I wasn’t turned on.

My sensitive Lion is afraid that it’s his fault he is not turning me on. Like it’s some failing on his part. Can’t it just be my problem? Can’t I just have a super low sex drive? There have only been a few times in my life that I can remember being tree-humping horny. It’s difficult to say what a normal amount of horniness is. I know generally it fluctuates over a woman’s life. Maybe it’s just been dormant for so long it needs a lot of fanfare to wake it up. Maybe it needs a banner across the front door saying “Welcome Home” and a parade with a big brass band.

I don’t know what it needs. But I do know I don’t want Lion thinking it’s his fault. So I’ve got to figure out how to get Lion-humping horny for him.

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    I’m looking into getting a special parade down main street. Maybe that will help.

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