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I finally devised a way to determine how long Lion will have to wait for his next orgasm.

Yesterday morning I was home from work waiting to take the dog to the vet. I put in a load of laundry and planned on working my second job online. Then, poof. No power. How do the power gods always seem to know the most inconvenient time to zap the power? While I was powerless (ironic when this blog is about my power over Lion) I decided to make some cards with wait times for my pet’s orgasms.

I numbered some slips of paper one day through twenty-one days. Then I added a few that said, “2 random orgasms in 5 days” and “3 random orgasms in 7 days” just to allow myself some fun. I was thinking if we start off with twenty-one days I may throw the whole idea out the window! Of course, being forced to wait twenty-one days would persuade me to come up with ways for Lion to earn time off. The other night he came home with dinner, dessert, and breakfast for the next morning. That should be worth three or four days off. (I’m a pushover.) If he did a few loads of laundry he could lose another five days. We’d be down to a more manageable number in no time!

While those tasks are actually good ideas for earning time off, I’d have to be a little more realistic with how many days he got for each thing. Maybe the dinner, dessert, breakfast thing could be two days. A few loads of laundry may be one day. Letting the dog out and in and out and in (we need a revolving door for her) might earn him another day off. That’s a start. I’ll keep working on it.

After last night’s orgasm, Lion is locked safely away in his cage again. I shuffled the cards, split the deck and picked a card. Believe me when I tell you my fingers were crossed for a low number. Six days. Whew! One day after he becomes grumbly. I can live with that. I’m sure he can too.


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    That sounds like a lovely game you came up with. I’d like to share a game that my KH played with me for a little while, which made it easier on her, as she didn’t have to make decisions. It uses regular six sided dice and all you do is add them up. On the first day of lockup, she would roll two dice. That number was the days locked, with no release. During this time, she still got hers, such as oral, but the penis stayed in its cage. After those days were up, she would roll again. If they came up snake eyes, no unlock and another roll for another time period. For any other number, I would be unlocked and stimulated to an erection. Let’s say she rolled a seven. I would get one stroke, up and down, then a six second break. Then two strokes and five seconds and so up to seven with no wait, then back down to one stroke. She would do this the number of times that the dice added up to, so in this case seven times. Cumming was not permitted, but if I did come, the stroking still continued until the tease was over, so some post orgasm torture. If I made it through the tease, the dice were rolled again. If both numbers on the dice were even, I got a nice orgasm. If one number was odd and the other even, I was given a ruined orgasm. If both numbers were odd, no orgasm was allowed. Then locked back up and another roll for lock up time.
    I hope that was clear. Thank y’all for sharing on your blog. I really look forward to it everyday.

    1. Author

      I was considering using dice. Your KH is very imaginive. What a great idea! I may have to borrow it in the future.

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