Go For Teasing

The doctor told Lion my weenie doesn’t look infected. Lion says it hurts less and thinks he might be ready for some teasing tonight. I think he’s thinking with his penis. I’m pretty sure it’ll be too sore for much activity, but I’m game if he is.

The other day I read on Facebook that Ozzie Osbourne and his wife have sex twice a week. That’s gone down over the years. I’m not sure why anyone cares how often Ozzie Osbourne has sex (except Ozzie himself, I guess), but there it is. When I told Lion he said he doesn’t get sex twice a week. Baloney! He may not have an orgasm twice a week, but he gets teased almost every day. I consider that a form of sex. Lion conceded it was. He said it’s been seventeen days since his orgasm. Yeah. And whose fault is that?

It was Lion’s idea to do orgasm denial. It was his idea to extend his wait over the past month or so. He said he was getting orgasms too frequently. Most “normal” men will never say they’ve had orgasms too frequently. Then again, most caged males will agree with Lion. Many caged males consider it a badge of honor to have very long waits. Lion does not.

I made Lion wait twenty days last time. It was longer than his average wait. I don’t know if he wanted to wait longer or not. I still think varying wait times is the way to go. Without the sore spot getting in the way, Lion may have already had his next orgasm. Who knows? I think it would be silly to make him wait twenty days again. Would that mean twenty was the magical number? That would be boring.

I think the point of orgasm denial is that he no longer chooses when he orgasms. If it’s truly up to me, then I can make him wait four days or twenty-four days, or anywhere in between. I can even make him wait longer if I’m feeling evil. Although, if I was really evil, I’d give him a few orgasms after a four-day wait and then stretch it out to twenty-four. That would get him used to the short wait before surprising him with a longer wait. [Lion comments — Interesting thought.]

Lion was hard this morning while he was looking at the sore spot. He thinks this means he’s ready for sex. If it isn’t too sore, is Lion ready for an orgasm? Maybe. Maybe not. I wouldn’t get my hopes up, Mr. Lion.

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  1. If it still hurts, then you have to wait a little. If last time he waited twenty days, he will wait a little more.

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