Lion’s Next Orgasm

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My pet wants to know when he will get his next orgasm. Fine. The meter is running until July 4.

Fine, my pet. If you need a specific date of your next orgasm, I will give it to you. Your own personal fireworks will happen on July 4th. For this particular run you will get no time off for good behavior and no possibility of extension for poor behavior. Just twelve long days of denial. I know you can do it.

I can’t guarantee I will give Lion a firm number from now on. I’m considering a few options. For example, if I decide on a five day limit but I do not touch him at all will it be more difficult than a ten day limit with intense teasing? What if I do nothing but anal play for whatever period of time I choose? I could always tell him a specific date, knowing full well I will actually make him wait more or less depending on my mood at the time. The option of making him choose a numbered card is still on the table although he does not like it. Perhaps I’ll tweak it and I’ll choose the card. The outcome is the same, but he may be balking at sealing his own fate. I also presented the idea of rolling dice, and on the way to work this morning, I amended that to include the idea that the number on each die could be added or multiplied together. Multiplying seems evil. Double sixes would be very difficult for both of us.

Once I decide on a method for determining how long he waits I have to come up with ways for him to earn time off for good behavior. It can’t be for initiating sex. He’s supposed to be doing that anyway. He does help out around the house. I thought about giving him a day off for every ten orgasms he gives me, but then I can imagine him never leaving me alone! No, there has to be a specific sets of tasks. I guess that’s my next goal.

Lion is probably not very fond of any of these ideas but I’m sure he’s proud of me for even coming up with them. I am too. It still doesn’t turn me on to do things to him, but I think I am becoming more open to making the decisions.

To Lion there are eight very long days until he gets relief. To me, there are eight very short days until I have some decisions to make. We always seem to have a different perspective.

[I am proud of you, dear Lioness. You’re right, I’m not very fond of any of those ideas, but I am very glad you are not worrying about whether I like them or not. Your teasing is keeping me very horny. — Lion]


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    Have you ever thought about using the App called Kidz Points?

    Here’s how it works. Tasks are assigned to a “kid”. When it’s done they earn points, when it’s not done they lose points. You can either do a ritual “how did you do today?” and tally points nightly or you can do it on the fly. “You’re whining and I warned you that you’d lose a point so… taptap.. there it goes”.

    Then the “kids” can redeem points for rewards. In the case of my 6 year old, he has toys on his shelf that he can down with various amounts of points on a 1-3 ratio (3 points = $1). On a GOOD day he can earn up to 7 points but usually he comes in around 2.

    So for the Lion you could set it up where any attention to his cock will require he spend points. 5 points gets his balls played with in the cage, 10 points is TnD, 20 for a ruined orgasm.

    It’s one very very specific way to get things going on that front. Also there is a “kids version” of the app that allows you to let the kid to enter what they did and the “Parent” can approve or disapprove the points. I haven’t played with that feature yet as my son doesn’t have an iPod able to run the app. We do it all on our phones.

    As for tasks you may want to limit how often can do certain things to earn “time off” (just moving away form the points system). So perhaps a foot rub is only good every other day. Or oral sex is only good at one orgasm per day. That way you can still assign him tasks to be completed without it running into the “Good GOD leave me alonealreadyIneedtobloodyWORK!” zone.

    I would also consider keeping “initiate sex” on the list of ways to earn time. Yes he should be doing that already but what I’ve learned is that if you don’t reward what should be routine behavior you won’t maintain the routine. In fact it’s the lack of acknowledgement of good routines that causes many routines to break down.

    For us there’s always house projects that need doing but keep getting put off until “a better time”. Perhaps a day off for tackling one of those?

    As for lock up times how about a game? Set a base of 7 days in the cage, and then modify it based on the final score? So maybe a game of Scrabble where he has a day added for every point you beat him by up to a maximum of 23 extra days? Or you could assign him extra days based on the DIFFERENCE in score if he tends to win so that he has the additional challenge of having to find a way to keep the two scores very very close. Or a game like monopoly but throughout the game you can add or detract days based on putting money in the bank and thus “buying” extra time on or off. 🙂

    It would do many things at once. It’d create a non sexual activity to enjoy together, albeit with sexual overtones. It would also keep to your suggested them of “let him decide his fate” by creating a game where he has some “input” through the game’s results. Lastly you could always use something like “We’ll use money to buy your days in or out and the winner ends the night with an orgasm no matter”.

    So with that scenario, if you play Monoploy (which is frankly a horrible example as the game is long and sad especially with two people) you could set it $100 adds or detracts days based on who spends it. Then as you play you keep putting money asside to lock him up and he tries to outspend you to keep the cage time down. Then you end up winning so you get an orgasm and he gets the cage, but maybe not for long (since he spent a lot of money to get out of it). Or maybe you play to lose… he wins (yay a good orgasm from the Lioness!) but you bought up to some insane number of days. 🙂

    I’m sure there are other games that could fill in there in a similar way.

    My last thought: Don’t tell him the FULL rules for how the points shift into results so that you still have some off the books control. If you were play Scrabble for “difference in score decides how many days” you could turn around and say “Oh… but I meant to say it’s a 3 to 1 ratio so that point difference of 27 means you’re locked up for 9 days”.

    (Now Lion will probably point out that I’ve elsewhere said I’m not totally comfy with rules changes without explicit consent but I think this is an exception because a) I feel like I know you two, and b) I am pretty sure that the Lioness would only ‘cheat’ to reduce the sentence rather than the other way around)

    Hmm…. other thoughts would be that you could set a minimal lock time and then play a short head to head game to see if “tonight’s the night”. Things like poker are good, as are quick little app games like Ruzzle (it’s like boggle) or Song Pop.

    How’s that to help spur thoughts?

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      You must have put a lot of thought into that. Thank you for taking the time and energy to reply. I think as part of a long term chastity lifestyle such ideas can be fun but they add a lot of complication to a process that should be simple and direct. However, some of your thinking can help us make and keep improvements. I particularly like your take on rewarding doing things I may be doing now anyway. One of the problems I experience is that for example with initiating sexual fun for Mrs. Lion is that there is little acknowledgement of my behavioral change if I do it and no mention if I don’t. The idea of being rewarded for doing it and perhaps other things that I should do anyway seems to me excellent reinforcement for me and training for Mrs. Lion to relate more directly to things done for her (she deserves those things!).

      Of course the problem with games or even rewarding good behavior and punishing bad is that it take time and energy. I am incentivized to take the time and expend the energy, but Mrs. Lion isn’t. These activities feed my need for control and discipline, but just end up complicating her life further. I would like a more structured approach to my “duties” since it provides me with feedback, punishment and rewards. But what’s in it for Mrs. Lion?

      The idea of using a competition or random activity to decide my orgasm intervals feels odd to me. But if it helps Mrs. Lion handle that decision, then I will agree. Using some artifice to extend or reduce that time appeals greatly to me. But then it requires additional lioness time. The kids’ app you mention is one way to manage the scorecard and Mrs. Lion does love to do stuff on her iPad. That might work as a way to tally my activities. Spending points for teases, etc. wouldn’t work well for me. First of all, I wouldn’t spend a single point for a ruined orgasm, second, as my time increases, tease and deny becomes a way to make me feel the time even more. Third and most important, Mrs. Lion’s teasing, etc. is emotionally important to me. It isn’t just physical sex (on lots of levels), it is a way to provide me with emotional and sexual satisfaction without the much-desired orgasm.

      1. Author

        Well if I’m being honest, most of the investment was just babbling on what I’ve learned parenting and in the classroom. There’s a bit of stuff I don’t know (like if having a ruined orgasm would be worth ‘buying’) so I was just throwing it out there.

        One additional thought regarding the gameplay to help modify your cage time. You’re right that it takes work, and question was what The Lioness would get out of all of it. She’s said before how she likes her iPad games to help decompress, to sort things out, and to just “veg”. That’s her thing. But it could also be “Your” thing. One thing that I find for my own relationship that remains challenging is just making sure WE do things. It’s easy for my other half to get home from work, take in a run, kiss the kids, snarf down dinner and then want some time reading before crashing to sleep. I can get lost in a game on the computer just as easily and before we know it the night is over with barely a full sentence exchanged.

        Having periodic “play time” where you join her for some Bird Flinging fun with the stakes of cage time on or off might be a fun way to stay engaged without the need for that to be inherently sexual (assuming, of course, you two need such). Heck, maybe it jsut becomes part of your other routines. “Wanna play a game?” / “Stakes tonight?” / “I win you get out a day earlier, you win I’ll let you eat me out”.

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