Not A Steamroller, Just A Pet

Giving me a date I can orgasm is like offering our dog a treat each time we leave for work. It sets up delightful anticipation.

(Wednesday, June 25 2014) Yesterday, Mrs. Lion wrote in her The Steamroller post that when she proposes something I get too excited and go off the deep end (my words, not hers). There is truth in that. But it isn’t the whole story. Her first point was that she only said she was thinking about making my lockup two weeks with possible time off for good behavior. My memory is that she said I would wait two weeks. Why should that matter? Why did I react the way I did?

The answer is basic to the forced male chastity experience. In my mind if a time period is mentioned, it represents a goal, if you will, that I will have to reach in order to orgasm again. It gives the caged male a target, something to look forward to, like Christmas or his birthday. Up until now, we hadn’t had any firm orgasm dates. I got to come when the stars and Mrs. Lion decided I should. I can understand that in her mind, as my keyholder, this is completely right. She absolutely decides if and when I can squirt.

What I think she may not understand is that knowing the next date gives me something to anticipate. So, even though I was unhappy I had to wait so long, I also felt more comfortable in that the end is known. It’s a bit like saying, you will get a new sports car for your birthday, but I’m not promising when you get it. A great gift, but hard to anticipate. I’m finding that anticipation is a very nice part of being a caged male. It’s like our dog; she knows that before I walk out the door to go to work she gets a treat. So, she gets very excited when she believes I am about to leave. It’s really cute. That doesn’t mean she won’t get a treat other times. It just means she knows she will get that treat each time I leave for work.

When Mrs. Lion told me that I would come again in two weeks, I got excited. I had something to grumble about and also something to keenly anticipate. This doesn’t mean she can’t decide to give me an orgasm sooner, or that she can delay it because I displeased her. It means that barring some naughtiness, I can look forward to coming in two weeks. If she decides to get me off sooner, I promise I won’t be disappointed.

In her post, What’s In Store For Lion she proposed some new rules. One that she said she was seriously considering was orgasm control; require me to hold back until she signaled me (tickling my balls during oral sex) I could come. I reacted to that proposal. I think it is a fine idea. I then discussed in my post, It Had To Happen, ways she could condition me to control my orgasms. She responded that my response made her feel guilty if she decides not to institute that rule. I get that.

I guess you could consider this topping from the bottom. Maybe it is. My intention was to present my thinking on this subject. I had been thinking about orgasm control for a long time. It interests me because it is a form of control that actually makes me change. Wearing my cage effectively prevents orgasm. I don’t have to change a bit to be made to wait any length of time Mrs. Lion wants. She has the key and unless she releases me, no matter how much I want to come, I can’t. Orgasm control is very different. She can’t physically prevent me from coming if she is stimulating my cock. Her stimulation is intended to arouse me and eventually get me off. So, if she wants to control orgasm under this condition, I will require conditioning. Optimally, if I am truly trained (which I am not sure is even possible and I am not proposing this as Mrs. Lion’s goal), I won’t be able to orgasm when stimulated without permission, and I will orgasm when told regardless of stimulation. That conditioning is an interesting fantasy. A more limited version of it is useful if Mrs. Lion wants to ride me without allowing me to come. Otherwise, it could be an amusing party trick for her.

I understood her post. I didn’t expect that it would all come instantly true. I just saw it as real progress in her thinking as my keyholder. I am proud of her for even thinking this way. Like my other fantasies, I wonder if I will be sorry I shared it. It was something of a shock to hear that my time would be two weeks. For a bit I wondered if this was the beginning of an alarming trend. Then I realized that what I was worried about wasn’t so much my orgasms (though I do love those), but was sexual attention.

I needn’t have worried. Last night, I spent prime time (8pm to 11pm) watching TV with the Njoy butt plug (the large one) up my ass. She wrote she might do it so I wouldn’t feel neglected while she did some work. I didn’t. I think I am going to be getting a great deal of anal attention. I hope that at some point Mrs. Lion will try me wearing a strap-on and pleasuring her.

In other news, my Jail Bird with the much-shortened cage arrived, unfortunately Mature Metal forgot to return my base ring. So now I have a new, very tiny cage but no ring. So for now at least, I am still in the Chinese cage. Stay tuned.


  1. Author

    I guess I’m sorta like that in most things I do. I get an idea, then it’s full throttle, as my Miss likes to take it slow. The hardest thing for me is to slow down to her pace, but I am doing better. Cages do that sorta thing to you.

    1. Author

      So far I am not slowing down much. I will try to do better in the future. It’s just my nature, I think.

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