Balancing Act

tightrope walker
Balancing between making things work and giving Lion what he wants is a real tightrope act.

I’ve said it before. I love to make Lion come. The problem is that Lion would like to be denied. He wants me to make him wait. I’m not sure why he wants to wait. I’m not sure why he wants a lot of what he wants. My job is to make sure he gets it. Or doesn’t get it, in this case. So why is it a problem?

For years I didn’t give Lion the sexual attention he needed. Once I agreed to cage him, he actually got more sex as opposed to the denial he may have expected. When I didn’t touch him for two days last week I was trying to build up anticipation (and ejaculate). But I saw how easy it would be to lapse into my previous inertia. I don’t want to lose any progress I’ve made.

I still don’t see it as a bonus that Lion will be more attentive to my sexual needs. My libido has not rebounded as much as we’d hoped. I guess I need to make that a higher priority.

Somehow I have to find the right balance. Between making Lion wait too little and too much. Between being too hands on (and needing to give him the orgasm I want him to have) and being too hands off (and allowing inertia to creep in).

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    It’s true. Since being caged my sex life and frequency of orgasm has gone way up. Ironic. (You can see a full list of my sexual activities since being caged here) One thing I don’t want is for Mrs. Lion to go backward. Not only has my orgasm rate gone up, but our communication and physical contact is also way better.

    If it means that I can’t be made to wait a long time between orgasms, that’s a price I can certainly pay (poor lion – NOT). Perhaps very frequent and intense teasing can substitute for some of the sexual pleasure Mrs. Lion wants to provide.

    No matter what she chooses, I am very happy. I never wanted to be a marathon chastity lion. I will never complain about orgasms; mine or hers.

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