Weekend Fun 2

happy snoozing lion
I know Lion had fun yesterday. He fell asleep for a nice nap when we were done.

For two days I didn’t touch Lion. I’ve been toying with the idea that making him wait will increase the force and amount of his ejaculation. I’m not sure this is true. And there’s no reason that not touching him at all will help. Actually, it probably makes more sense that teasing and edging him would increase it. Consider it an experiment.

Also in the back of my mind is the thought that by making him wait I’m driving him crazy. I’d been teasing him with the idea of using his sling. After not touching him for a few days I took him out of his cage. He asked if I wanted the ring off and I told him no. I was only taking him out to let him get some air. I did stroke him but not to the point that he got really hard. A little hard, but not hard enough to give him any hope of being edged. This was just a walk around the block and I told him as much. No wind sprints. No race to the finish line. No, that would be coming and so might he.

I decided it was time. I had no plan other than getting Lion in the sling and probably shoving something into his butt. It’s been a while so I knew I had to go slow. First, a few fingers. Then another. When he was able to take three I switched to  a dildo. I wanted to exchange the dildo for a butt plug so I could have both hands free for other fun, but Lion said he was done.

Oh well. No more fun with dildos, but the show goes on. I swatted his buns. I clothes pinned his balls. In between I stroked him. Then, because I can’t resist, I started giving him a blow job. With Lion in the sling, he was in the perfect position for me to edge him with my mouth. I did this a few times. My intent was to edge him with my mouth and then give him an orgasm with my hand. I wanted to see if my experiment worked. Would he have more ejaculate?

But I blew it. Literally. I ruined poor Lion’s orgasm. However, he did seem to have more ejaculate even though it wasn’t a full one. And did he have fun like the fortune cookie promised? Well, he needed a nap afterwards. I’d say so.