It seems that the longer the wait between orgasms, the more interested in initiating pleasure for Mrs. Lion I become.

If you’ve been reading along, you know that Mrs. Lion and I have very different views of how my forced chastity is working. She has accepted that this is something I want and has worked hard to integrate it into our lives. I have been trying to awaken her dormant libido with some success. We read what the other posts and, combined with conversations, have opened a great communication channel that is improving our sex lives. Both of us believe the cage is an important part of this new trend. We agree up to that point.

Based on my reading of her posts, Mrs. Lion is pursuing my chastity and training out of love for me and her desire to make me happy. These are wonderful, unselfish reasons. But are they sustainable over a long period of time? After all, this is a power exchange; not a power gift. Mrs. Lion must feel she is getting value for her efforts and time spent in my care and training. By that I don’t mean a direct exchange of say, 25 lioness orgasms for every one for me. I won’t rule that out. Such deals are very potent incentives. But I don’t think that she would find such an arrangement satisfying.

Unless both of us find value in forced chastity, one of us will eventually give it up. Even if we don’t just end it, the energy will get lower and lower. This is no one’s fault. It’s just human nature that we place our energy where we get the most return. This is one reason why so many relationships that were formed based on a power exchange end up petering out in a year or two. Fortunately, my relationship with Mrs. Lion is based on much, much more. But how do we sustain our forced chastity lifestyle?

I don’t know the answer to this. I think both of us have to consider what value this lifestyle can deliver. In my case, the answer is obvious. There are well over 100 posts that address one aspect or another of my take on living this way. Mrs. Lion has a much more difficult job. I don’t know what she will find that connects her to forced chastity. One possibility for her might be my increased incentive to initiate pleasuring her. It’s ironic that one of my motives for asking to be locked up was that I wanted her to initiate sex since it has always been very difficult for me. It turns out that the opposite is true.

Up till now, Mrs. Lion hasn’t connected her pleasure to my opportunities to orgasm. She is such a giving, generous person, I don’t think such an idea would occur to her. Couple that with her lowered level of sexual interest and I can see how such an idea might be unappealing. However, based on her comments to me and her posts, she is experiencing more sexual interest. I don’t think she will ever consider a direct tit-for-tat exchange of her orgasms for mine, but she might find that by making me wait longer to orgasm, I might decide I could help my case by initiating more sex with her. Based on what other caged males have said and written, the male’s interest in giving his keyholder more orgasms is almost an automatic side effect of longer waits between orgasms.

Initially I didn’t believe this would really happen to me. I still don’t know. But I am beginning to understand how I could find myself initiating more. Based on what I have heard and read, the increased need to come that is created by teasing and keeping the male unsatisfied, drives him to find what sexual expression he can. I love giving Mrs. Lion orgasms. I can see myself substituting her orgasms for mine as I am prevented from coming. That’s the real irony; the less orgasms I get the more aggressively I want to provide them for her. My motive isn’t a desire to convince her to get me off. It’s my libido substituting her orgasms for mine. At least that’s my theory. Since Mrs. Lion has long wanted me to initiate more, she might find keeping me caged as an effective and fun way to get me to do that. What do you think?


  1. Author

    I have come to almost exclusively substitute Miss K’s orgasms for mine.. Actually almost from day one ..
    (19 months)
    after she has had her orgasms i feel very satiated..
    Still horny of course however very satisfied…
    In our case she has had in the range of probably over a thousand ( not kidding )and I have experienced about 10…
    about half full and the other half ruined.., 4
    occurrences the cage did not come off ..
    Currently I’m 129 days locked in my new jailbird..
    Only being out twice for a couple of hours and once for two days.( to clear up a little edema)
    In our case Miss K does not use the caged bit for intercourse.. Which strangely I don’t miss as much as you might think….. There is a very tantric energy we have noticed when I hold her from behind and press the little 2 1/4 inches if steel against her backside…it sometimes feels as if I’m fully inserted inside her .quite amazing .
    And as Miss K is fond of saying … Be careful what you wish for …. 🙂

    1. Author

      Thanks for sharing your experience. Many caged males report satisfaction in unreciprocated orgasm delivery. Mrs. Lion often says that she derives great pleasure getting me off. She likes it so much that I never have to wait long for an orgasm. A couple of nights ago, I gave her some orgasms and I did, indeed, have a great time even though there was nothing for me.

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