Whose Reward Was It?

Lion and I both hit the door running to get ready for our trip. He had his list and I had mine. His list must have contained fewer time-consuming tasks because he was done fairly quickly. I was in the middle of mine and I had an idea for a post so I tried to quickly write it while the laundry was drying.

We had decided on dinner with no mention of who would cook it. As it took longer and longer to write my post, still waiting for the laundry, Lion started cooking. He’s a very good cook and I was thankful that he took the initiative. Who knows when we would have eaten if I had to do it.

My post was done, the dryer buzzed, and I got the laundry folded just as dinner was ready. Perfect! We make a pretty good team.

Earlier in the day Lion had gone for more tests on his leg. Despite two doctors’ doom and gloom scenario, the news was good. He had been uncaged for the tests and after he took his shower he asked if I wanted his cage on. We hadn’t played in a few days. I was letting him recharge after my attempts at edging him resulted in ruined orgasms. He was ready. No cage yet.

I was about to oblige when I wondered why he thought play meant he was the one that would have fun. Before I could ask he snuggled in and started playing with me. After three or four (it could have been six-I lost track) orgasms he stopped and asked if it felt good. Um, yeah!

When I could finally sit up I started playing with him. I was mad at myself that I hadn’t been able to edge my Lion correctly the past three times I tried. I kept going too far. For some reason, after the last ruined orgasm, I decided that Lion should only have an orgasm inside me, vaginally or orally. I knew right away that was unsustainable but I guess I thought it was one way to challenge myself not to allow him to come.

At any rate, I successfully edged him. I almost told him if he didn’t come he would get a reward but I didn’t want to put any pressure on him. The pressure was on me. I wanted the reward too. I had decided to ride him if I could edge him three times. After the third time I asked him if he wanted a reward and, of course, he said yes. So I hopped on and let him come inside me.

Later he asked why he got a reward. I told him it was because he gave me orgasms and then we were successful at edging. He said those things were more of my doing than his. He may be right. I guess we both got a reward.