You Have No Choice

no orgasm
Your cage prevents orgasm until your keyholder lets you out and allows you to come.

The essence of forced male chastity is the removal of choice when it comes to sex. At the very least, the cage removes the opportunity to decide when and where sexual activity will occur. Some couples limit their power exchange to controlling the caged males orgasms. Most of us go considerably further. Suddenly, my ability to come depends on the good will of another person. If she wants, I can stay locked up a very long time with no chance to orgasm. I don’t know about you, but I really like to come. However, that has been taken out of my hands, literally. So, it doesn’t take long to learn that a happy lioness is more likely to want to let me come than one who thinks I am  naughty or rude.

This may explain the otherwise inexplicable changes that occur in caged males. They become more thoughtful and interested in their keyholder’s comfort and happiness. It may not be a conscious decision, but enlightened self interest takes over and compels us to not bite the hand that jerks us off. In many cases obedience is extended by our keyholders. Mrs. Lion keeps me in diapers sometimes just to remind me that I do what she says. I have no choice. I really hate wearing them. It’s hot and not pleasant to pee in. But she is in charge.

Much of what I’ve written is about control. I know that I really wanted to feel that control, at least sexually. That’s one of the big reasons the idea of being caged was such a turn on. Most of my fantasies centered around lioness doing all sorts of exciting things to me: spanking, anal play, oral sex for her, etc., etc. I don’t think I considered the real message: Once locked up, I have no choice. I have to do what she wants. I have to accept however she chooses to treat me. This came home very strongly when Mrs. Lion decided that since she didn’t want orgasms herself right now, that I should have them since she enjoys making me come. This means that for a week now, she gets me off every night whether I am in the mood or not.

About half the time this week I really wasn’t in the mood. Lioness forged ahead and I was made to be in the mood. Not a terrible thing, but instructive. I understand now what “you have no choice” means. Maybe it took three months in the cage for it to sink in. But  now I know. Is it what I thought I wanted when this all began? Frankly, no it really isn’t. However, it doesn’t feel bad. It’s just different. I know that my keyholder doesn’t want to change who I am or actually tame this lion. She just wants to have fun trying. Or should I say, I want her to have fun trying. The ride isn’t always smooth, but it is exciting and ultimately I am a happier kitty.