The Power Of The Penis

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Penis power is not only activated by that little blue pill. It is an inherent part of every male-female relationship.

I’ve learned a lot from forced male chastity. It’s amazing how much power our little male sex organs wield. If you don’t believe me, consider what happens when you put one in a cage. So much can change. The caged male magically sees sex as pleasure he should provide to his keyholder. He becomes more thoughtful and considerate. His new keyholder discovers a new sexual liberation. She starts feeling freer to demand sexual satisfaction. Many also discover that they now have the ability to exercise control over their males and they find that the caged males will meekly accept orders and allow themselves to be spanked or otherwise disciplined as required by the keyholder.

What happened? Is it magic? I think it may have some magic to it. Most of us, male and female, unconsciously seem to give power to the penis and its owner. Uncaged, it demands satisfaction and puts its mate second. Now that doesn’t mean that every male selfishly takes sexual pleasure without regard for his partner. I certainly never did that. But it appears to change the keyholder. She quickly learns that her pleasure should come first every time. He bares his bottom for paddling when she wants to correct him.

In fairness, it isn’t the cage or the penis that directly cause these changes. Obviously, the male wants his keyholder to have this power. The cage is not only a symbol, but an actual device that removes sexual control from him. The woman’s side appears more complex. I asked a couple of keyholders who were actively controlling their males if they could keep controlling if he wasn’t locked up. Both women said, no without the cage they wouldn’t have the power and the males wouldn’t accept control.

Both said that they expect to keep their males locked up for the rest of their lives. That means the keyholders believed that the power exchange was controlled by the penis cage, not the agreement of their males. As a caged male, I think that if my lioness wanted to continue controlling me, but didn’t want me caged, I would agree and continue to give her the power. The other two women were sure that their power would start eroding as soon as the cages came off. I think that if I were uncaged, my lioness would start to lose interest in the power exchange and things would return to the pre-cage state. Could it be that the keyholder needs the cage more than the male?

My theory is that while the male is caged, he is totally dependent on his keyholder for sexual satisfaction. He can’t get off without her help. This puts a responsibility on our keyholders to provide sexual attention since we are defenseless in our cages. Also, the cage is a continuous reminder to me that I can not independently get sexual satisfaction and also reminds me that my keyholder has obvious power over me. We are unable to forget that we have a power exchange relationship. Both the main tool of control and the symbol is locked between our legs.

The power the cage has is almost diabolical. Not only does it transfer ownership of the penis to the keyholder, but it also constantly reminds the keyholder that she has a duty to the former owner of the penis to provide at least some activity. It’s surprising that something we could consider as a genital bondage device is actually a powerful emotional lever that changes both caged male and his keyholder. How many of us understood that when we first set out with forced male chastity.