Male Control

I know that for me forced chastity is more than just caging my penis. It also involves at the least, loss of sexual control. Giving up control, or more correctly, losing control to my keyholder has always been a big part of my chastity fantasies. I think it is part of most forced chastity male fantasies. It is this part of the fantasy that is probably the most difficult for a new keyholder. How many partners want the extra emotional and physical effort to “train” or “condition” the chaste male? This aspect is the most difficult for my lioness. She doesn’t seem to like the role of top.

The top role involves reward and punishment. More correctly, it is reward and correction. To a new top, there is a lot of mystery and anxiety about being put in the position of administering correction. Providing rewards is no problem for most. Can a caged male feel controlled with rewards alone? I am sure it won’t work for me. Only by feeling the presence of my top’s control of me can I experience my desired sense of her ownership of my cock. Optimally, if I am to realize my fantasy, my keyholder will condition my behavior to her liking.

This is where real life gets difficult. My lioness has never been trained in the art of male control. I can’t think of anyone who has prior to a male asking for it. So, as a new keyholder your only input is probably your caged male partner. Clearly we caged males are not the best source of help. We have had years of fantasy to move further and further away from reality. We need reigning in.

Assuming you want to consider male control, the biggest problem is where to start and how to enforce your wishes. My suggestion is to start with things that are easy to see and have little-to-no emotional loading for you or him. Things like, fetching you treats, pampering you, or even some simple behavioral changes are a good place to start. If you are uncomfortable asking for things for yourself, consider the behavioral route. For example, you can require that your male always stand with his hands behind his back if he isn’t holding or carrying anything. In this case, you are just providing a harmless behavioral change.

When you want to make a behavioral change, there are two things you should do to make the change unconscious: reward success and provide correction when the behavior doesn’t happen. The reward is as simple as a “Good boy!” when you observe him doing what you asked. The correction is a bit more difficult. Optimally, corrections should be immediate. They can be as simple as a “Where are your hands?”, or something physical. Stay tuned for some ideas for immediate correction ideas.

One technique almost guaranteed to make a new keyholder wince is electro stimulation. This is the use of a device that gives a very brief and safe shock to your male when he needs correction. I know that I won’t like being corrected this way, but I know from my reading in behavioral psychology it is effective and humane. One relatively cheap (less than $100) way to do this is with a dog’s anti-bark collar — the kind with a remote control. This can be strapped under your male’s balls with the contact on his scrotum. These collars have many levels of correction available. The weakest ones will barely be felt. These devices offer the significant advantage of limiting the keyholder’s action to simply pressing a button. The caged male will feel it and if he chooses to ignore it, you can escalate easily. It isn’t visible under almost any clothing, it’s waterproof, and it will truly work if you are consistent with its use. I hate to say I “want” this, but I am sure it will be effective and give me the feeling of being controlled that I crave.

It isn’t really fair that we caged males have such complex wishes. Forced chastity is more than a caged penis. As a keyholder, you probably never knew this was so involved. We caged males should be aware of how much we want and our keyholders understand that we don’t expect perfection. This lifestyle takes lots of time to take root and flourish.