False Security

Over the last fifteen years I have experimented with forced male chastity and the various devices available to enforce it. I’ve also read lots of stuff by males who buy devices alone or with a partner. The biggest rookie mistake by far is over-concern with “Security.” Guys have spent countless thousands of dollars on devices that claim to prevent arousal and orgasm. Some are pretty effective.

If you are new to this and contemplating the right choice in chastity hardware, you are reading at the right time. First and foremost, if you lock yourself up or have your keyholder lock you up, is it a challenge to see if you can get off despite the hardware? If it is, that’s ok, but this isn’t the right blog for you. If you aren’t, then it’s time to get real about hardware. There is a rule in chastity hardware: The more secure the device, the more uncomfortable to wear. Let’s look at what security entails.

The main purpose of a chastity device is to keep your hands off your penis. A secondary purpose is to prevent you from inserting it anywhere that is not authorized by your keyholder. Virtually every device is designed to prevent you from getting yourself off while wearing it. That’s the real purpose. Are they effective? That is the big question. If the purpose is to prevent you from ever having an orgasm without permission and being unlocked, nothing including full belts really work.

A solo chastity belt wearing male spent a lot of money for a full belt. No physical access to his penis was possible. The locks were protected by hard stainless steel. Escape was functionally impossible. After wearing it two months, he returned to the maker and said that he needed a stainless steel bra. A bra? Yes. The man learned that if he played with his nipples, he could come. Sex is in the brain, not the penis. One way or another, someone determined to come will do it.  So what are you looking for if you want to be caged?

In my opinion you want a device that will prevent erection and will prevent casual penis play. The moment you go for “security” beyond that, you are going to regret wearing the device. For example, pretty much every cage can be escaped by forcing the flaccid penis out behind the cock and ball ring. If the ring is too loose, that is easy to do and you might even be able to reinsert after you finish playing with yourself.  To combat this, many makers offer little points (dull or sharp) that will hurt like hell if you try to pull out. What they don’t tell you is that when you try to get hard, and we all do in our sleep if nowhere else, those points will dig in and wake you up with the pain.

Another rookie mistake is buying with a too-small cock ring. The thinking is that if the ring is tight enough, pull out is impossible. That’s true, but you won’t be wearing it very long. A too-tight ring is very painful and cuts off circulation. Similarly a too-loose ring will let balls escape on their own. That’s not so pleasant either.

The goal is, believe it or not, comfort. You want a cage you can comfortably wear forever without having to remove it. This requires careful measurement and some trial and error. I am very happy that my Jail Bird is so comfortable that I usually don’t feel it at all. I can go about my life without it making things more difficult. It is also very effective. I can’t get myself off while it is on. As I wrote before, my attempted erections are only the length of the cage. In short, it does its intended job without upsetting my life. Make your goal comfort. Your will power plus a decently fitting cage is enough to assure your forced chastity.